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Building Up For A Big Comeback! 😉

Gagh!! With two stories prepped and ready to go – FORK IN THE ROAD!!

Preparation for this summer’s reconstruction of my house is well underway. Everyone’s squashing their stuff and their selves in together – memories of a summer in an RV! – and things are already getting tense. The plan is to build an apartment in the basement for my mom to move into, saving me hours of travel and trouble every week to help her. It’s quite exciting…

Until I realize/decide that, instead of a guest room, the kids can double up in the bedrooms and I will have my office back!! (Pause for cartwheels, happy dance, and high fives with the dog!!)

When we moved four years ago, I lost my private office, and what work I’ve managed to accomplish has been done wherever me and the laptop can comfortably squeeze in – sometimes the kitchen, other times the library, usually on the run… Very inconvenient for work. But the move turned out to be absolutely worth the effort.

And I did lose my office.

Well, come this fall, I will have a dedicated, self-contained, organized office, complete with kitchenette, separate entrance, and powder room. Not to mention new charging outlets, white boards, filing cabinets, fax, and shelves! And I am beside myself!!!

So, dilemma: do I publish two stories now, and then put everything on hold til fall? Or wait til fall and go for broke? As I survey the mess that my entire life is quickly becoming, the choice is an easy one. Fall it is.

Contractor says he’ll be done by end of August. Nana should be moved in by the end of September, and things should be back to new-normal by Christmas. Somewhere in there, I’ll be up and running – the suspense is killing me!

I’ll keep you posted on fb as I go – maybe some pics. And probably the odd admission of overwhelming regret! But all worth it in the end!! Happy summer!!

With love,
Alex Brown

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An Irresistible Shadow, by Kirsten S. Blacketer

One Of Our Authors’ Big News!

Romantic Shorts is proud to present Kirsten Blacketer’s debut novel, An Irresistible Shadow, published by Breathless Press. Her novel is available in e-format now by clicking on the cover to the right. Kirsten is working on the second installment of the three part series, A Shadow’s Kiss, with an anticipated release date of sometime this summer. If you’d like to get to know her writing a little bit better, read on to enjoy her Romantic Short, What The Darkness Proposes.

What The Darkness Proposes

by Kirsten S. Blacketer

The note would do the trick. Donald Baranski was nothing if not tenacious. He slipped the folded paper into the briefcase that luckily sat open on Brad Martin’s desk. As he sauntered back to his office, he offered a wink and a smile to the secretary. She blushed prettily, but his tastes ran a little richer these days. He spied the boss’s daughter coming towards him and straightened his tie. Speak of the devil, he thought with a wicked grin.


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