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Admitting Defeat and Asking For Help

At the risk of completely alienating so many writers, readers, contacts, and friends, all of whom have shown such overwhelming support and patience, I must once again, beg your understanding.

I doubt that many could fully gauge the weight of my heart in making this decision. I’ve always prided myself in being strong, reliable, responsible, and accountable. These are traits that have played a crucial part in the growth to date of Romantic Shorts, despite some hefty obstacles. But humility wins out as I find I have to admit – to you and to myself  – that I am human, and I am broken.

I honestly thought a good year would be enough to see myself healed and back on track after Paul’s passing. I thought I would be able to bounce back, reinvent myself, and do something amazing. It is as frustrating as it is devastating to have to admit that I can’t do it. I never took my marriage for granted. But I had no idea how deep it ran.

Romantic Shorts has clearly outgrown its hobby phase. I need a business partner: someone who sees my vision and has the skills I lack. Someone who wants to adopt the venture as their own.

Until I find this person – and I do believe the perfect partner will be obvious when I’m ready to see her, or him! – I find myself with no choice but to bow out as gracefully as possible, and to once again ask your patience and support while I try to find my way.

I can only hope that this honest confession of what I consider to be some wholly annoying limitations will serve to hold a place in your hearts and browser histories until the time I can truly devote myself once again. To those in mid process, I apologize – how ironic it is to be honoured with so many beautiful love stories at a time when the loss of my love is still so very painful. Please forgive my lapse in professionalism.

As of today, the website will remain static. Links and contacts will remain open. I will try to respond to emails as they arrive. And I will definitely be monitoring our Facebook page – in fact, I intend to personalize it a little more; so many of you ask after my well being – I’d really like to keep in touch!!

I cannot imagine my life without Romantic Shorts. The thought of losing it altogether breaks my heart! I can’t fathom just letting go of it. But I am doing more harm than good with delays and distractions. I can’t imagine not returning to leave my mark on the world!

To all of you who have sent your love and support to help guide me through my darkest days, I cannot possible thank you enough. Comments that go unanswered are often a light at the end of my tunnel – so inspiring and uplifting. I am grateful for your kindness and love.

And so, until we meet again, I will think of you often, and do my best to heal fully, so that we can finish this journey together.

With love,
Alex Brown

Romantic Shorts’ Latest Romantic Short Stories…

Our romantic short stories are designed to take our readers away for about a half hour. They are complete stories unto themselves and aren’t related to each other. That means that you can duck into our Reading Room for a quick escape any time, and make it back to your real life before anyone knows you’ve gone.


Read our latest offering of half hour romances, here, free, any time.

An Irresistible Shadow, by Kirsten S. Blacketer

One Of Our Authors’ Big News!

Romantic Shorts is proud to present Kirsten Blacketer’s debut novel, An Irresistible Shadow, published by Breathless Press. Her novel is available in e-format now by clicking on the cover to the right. Kirsten is working on the second installment of the three part series, A Shadow’s Kiss, with an anticipated release date of sometime this summer. If you’d like to get to know her writing a little bit better, read on to enjoy her Romantic Short, What The Darkness Proposes.

What The Darkness Proposes

by Kirsten S. Blacketer

The note would do the trick. Donald Baranski was nothing if not tenacious. He slipped the folded paper into the briefcase that luckily sat open on Brad Martin’s desk. As he sauntered back to his office, he offered a wink and a smile to the secretary. She blushed prettily, but his tastes ran a little richer these days. He spied the boss’s daughter coming towards him and straightened his tie. Speak of the devil, he thought with a wicked grin.


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Would You Know If You Were Having A Heart Attack?

February is Heart and Stroke Month and Romantic Shorts would like to share the Go Red for Women Premiere Short Film, Just a Little Heart Attack. The film features Elizabeth Banks as an harried mom blustering through her morning routine in the midst of having a heart attack. Watch it – and guaranteed you’ll see yourself in there somewhere!

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