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Feeling Stronger and Driven Once Again

What a journey this has been. Those of you new to Romantic Shorts might not know of the detour my life took two years ago when the love of my life passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, leaving me alone, with five teenagers and a giant black hole for a future. My recovery has been one of the most frustrating and debilitating experiences I have ever had to endure. Turns out it’s true; you can’t rush these things.

But I am still always stunned to see how things fall into place – whether you believe in a divine hand or not – in ways that I didn’t see coming.

One of the last things my husband did before he left us was to cross the stage off his bucket list. He auditioned for and won a main role in the local Binbrook Little Theatre‘s production of The Foursome. He played Donnie, a happily married father of five and thought he was acting… It was quite a feather in his cap.

Without thinking about it, I never got around to unsubscribing from the Theatre’s email list. Last fall they announced a call for auditions for a Panto and were looking for a teen cast. As my youngest daughter was going through some growing pains at the time, I suggested the idea to her as something to simply keep her out of my hair for a bit. (Funny how I didn’t realize how talented she is.) She landed the part with ease and came away from the entire process with a sense of confidence and maturity I could never have expected. But I digress; this is about me, not her…

I had to spend five months driving her back and forth through two towns, three times a week, waiting in the van for three hours because it was too far to drive home and back to get her. I found myself racking up gobs of data fees watching Netflix on my phone while I waited. Until I remembered how much I love to drive…

I commuted two to four hours a day back in my working days, before kids. It was the only part of working that I missed when I quit. I haven’t driven any regular length of time since. But it gradually came back to me how much I love the drive. That’s where I learned to write. It’s where I put things together. It’s how I molded myself.

And here I was, in desperate need of re-molding, forced to hang out in the van, in one of the coldest winters on record, for hours at a time.

Within two weeks, I started looking forward to rehearsal nights. Within a month, I noticed I was sleeping better. And shortly after Christmas, I ‘woke up.’

I am now sleeping through the night – every night. And staying awake and productive all day. I am crossing tasks I have been avoiding for months off the Ta-Da List. I am hearing my own thoughts. I am calm. I am happy. And I am grateful.

And, oddly, I have finally, finally, begun to grieve. For the first time in over two years, I can cry. And when the tears stop, I feel refreshed and recharged and renewed. The sun has come up over the horizon. The breeze is kissing my face. And the rain has cleansed my path. Acceptance of my tragedy is a long way away. But it’s definitely time to start taking steps in that direction. I am in awe of the circle of circumstance that saw my husband ultimately provide the means for me to rediscover my strength.

I am craving the excitement of human contact, the challenge of reaching goals, the satisfaction of accomplishment. I can read again! And I am writing again. I have a future and, while it’s not the one I was expecting, it’s no less enticing.

That future features Romantic Shorts in a leading role. I will be reviewing all of the manuscripts in the Inbox. I have no idea what I will find there, but fully expect to have a lineup ready to publish in May. I’ll be advertising a call for submissions over the next couple of weeks. And will be cranking my old brain back into web design mode – that part may be a little painful… – as I update and improve the Romantic Shorts web pages. Watch here and on our Facebook page for info.

Thank you to all who have supported and messaged and prayed for me and my family through all of this. Your love and energy have meant more to me than you could possibly imagine. All of your quick ‘just thinking about you’ emails and comments have often been the only bright light in many very gloomy days. I’m really looking forward to reconnecting with you all!

With love,
Alex Brown

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An Irresistible Shadow, by Kirsten S. Blacketer

One Of Our Authors’ Big News!

Romantic Shorts is proud to present Kirsten Blacketer’s debut novel, An Irresistible Shadow, published by Breathless Press. Her novel is available in e-format now by clicking on the cover to the right. Kirsten is working on the second installment of the three part series, A Shadow’s Kiss, with an anticipated release date of sometime this summer. If you’d like to get to know her writing a little bit better, read on to enjoy her Romantic Short, What The Darkness Proposes.

What The Darkness Proposes

by Kirsten S. Blacketer

The note would do the trick. Donald Baranski was nothing if not tenacious. He slipped the folded paper into the briefcase that luckily sat open on Brad Martin’s desk. As he sauntered back to his office, he offered a wink and a smile to the secretary. She blushed prettily, but his tastes ran a little richer these days. He spied the boss’s daughter coming towards him and straightened his tie. Speak of the devil, he thought with a wicked grin.


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