Helen Chapman

As Romantic Shorts’ inaugural author, Helen Chapman epitomizes the talent, vision, and expression we envision for our publication. Her skill with character presentation and development, plot progression, and quick dialogue lend a smooth flow and ease of enjoyment to her writing, making her a welcome asset to the Romantic Shorts family. Her imaginative story lines and settings are captivating and memorable.

Chapman is a creative writer whose works include short stories, articles, and novels. Her column appears regularly in I Love Cats Magazine and Urban Arts & Antiques. Some of her stories have been selected to accompany the artwork of Professor Kenney Mencher at his gallery showings.

Enjoy some of Helen Chapman’s Works:

He Will Restore

The House That Jack Built

Adventures of a Crazy Cat Lady

Readers can learn more about Helen Chapman by visiting her website at:


Romantic Shorts by Helen Chapman

The Wizard     (2011)

Sagebrush & Sanity     (2012)

4 thoughts on “Helen Chapman

  1. This was an enjoyable story comparable to “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.” The plot flowed well and the transitions from present to past and back again were smooth. For the most part, the characters were very well done. I had a problem relating to the cable guy version of Taliesin, but the rest of the characters and their interactions felt real and believable.

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