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Patricia Anne Pierce-Garcia Schaack, better known as Pat Garcia, is a writer of fiction and Author Pat Garcianon-fiction. On A Rainy Day is her short story debut in fiction. She loves writing inspirational, multicultural, romantic suspense that lifts people into an alternative world where they ask themselves, what if?

Her first literary article was published by American Diversity Report on April 2, 2012 and can be read at:

She is awaiting the decision on her first novel at the end of July. You may read more of Pat Garcia’s writing at the following blogs:

An online inspirational, multicultural romantic suspense novel, Heart’s Desire will be
featured on her website, starting this month.

Romantic Shorts by Pat Garcia

On A Rainy Day (2012)

11 thoughts on “Pat Garcia

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  2. My Dear Sister,
    I knew I could depend on you to be one of the first to read it. Thank you so much. You have landed on my author page, but that is okay. Comments are welcomed on both.
    Thank you so much.

  3. Thanks for the lovely book. I really enjoyed it and refused to stop reading until I reached the end. Kudos on a job well done. Looking forward to reading more of your literary works.

    Yona Quinn

    • My Dear Yona,
      Even though I responded to your comments on the publisher’s website, allow me to take the opportunity to thank you for also commenting about the book on my author page. Your words of praise are very much appreciated, and they will be laid down at the altar where they belong.
      I am very thankful I have been chosen to have such a beautiful gift. It could have been someone else, but God chose me.
      So, once again thank you, because you played a role in helping me to recognize the gift, and I have a lot to thank you for.
      God bless you.

  4. Hi Pat,
    Wow……. what else to say this is very good. I knew I will need time to read your work and thats why I did that today as promised.
    Pat, The descriptions of the environments were so real, that its makes one dream been one of the character in your narration while reading. this is great!, also the way you link your characters coming into the scene, are so real that it gives the reader a feeling like seen them live or been in the narration itself. keep the good work and lets know when it’s finally to have.
    My question “are you Carla” ? 🙂


    • My Dear Cole,
      Thank you. You do not know how great it made me feel to have someone from the continent of Africa reading my story and leaving comments. You are truly a dear friend.
      In answer to your question, am I Carla? Let me say, I am all of the characters. They are my children, carried within me and born out of me. They are my view of how I see the world. They are the voices that speak within me and most of the times they keep me up very late, because they have so much to say and I have to tip it into my MacBook. So, all of the characters are a part of me. I believe writing cannot be separated from the person. We write according to how we think, what we see and what we comprehend life to be all about. Therefore, if you saw a part of me in Carla, I will not deny it. My writing is a part of who I am.
      Once again thank you. You and your family are dear to me.

  5. Pat, I am so happy we met. What a beautiful love story. I wanted more and when I want more that is a special clue that I am in love with the story and think the story teller is amazing.

    • Marsha my Dear,
      You are an absolute blessing to my life. Readers like you are not only highlights but beacons of light that give me encouragement, and I am very thankful.

  6. Pat, thank you for sending me the link to your short story, I enjoyed it very much! A lot happens in a short period of time, as it must in a short story, but I had a sense of “being there” and of the tension between Tess and David. The brief background that you did on Tess worked very nicely into the story without slowing it down. It was an interesting, fun, read, perfect for this forum. Nice job, keep writing! Just tweeted On a Rainy Day!

    • (Publisher’s Note:
      Rita, my apologies for the delay in approving your comments. Just found them in the overloaded spam file. Will be checking my filter settings again…
      Thanks for your patience!
      Alex Brown)

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