Romantic Shorts Founder’s First Online Interview!

Wow! I am really feeling the love this morning! My first online interview was posted today. And I can’t resist the urge to toot my own horn a little…

I knew it was coming – I did answer the questions myself. But somehow, seeing it live sets the butterflies in motion some. I suppose one of the benefits of regularly forgetting all but the most vital information necessary for the immediate circumstance is the magical surprise I experience when revisiting something I haven’t thought of for a while. Reading my own words this morning was actually quite enlightening and more than a little satisfying. It’s nice to see that my answers are right in line with what I would say today! Makes me feel quite sane…

I’d love for you to visit and check out my story. I’m really quite pleased and flattered, but would be thrilled to hear your comments/questions/suggestions. Leave a comment over there and I’ll be sure to get right back to you!

Alexandra Brown,

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