This Journey Of A Thousand Miles

You know, the best advice to someone who wants to start on a venture, yet know nothing of what to do or how to do it, is simply, “Start.”

The old saying, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,” will never hold more meaning.

And so it has been with Romantic Shorts. I started with an idea. But when I had the idea, all it was was a vision. There were no details because I hadn’t yet discovered not only what the answers were, I didn’t even have questions! Now, a year later and on the verge of the big launch, I’ve learned so much, just by jumping in a figuring things out. (Albeit, sometimes with some very colourful expletives aimed at no one in particular. My family now accepts that there is a ghost in the house who is to blame for every little mistake I make. They call him PITA. I call him something a little more descriptive.)

One of the biggest lessons for me, the perfectionist, is to just do it. See how it works and fix it later. Better something that’s not quite right – yet – than nothing at all. An entirely new concept for me. Painful at times. Very painful. But productive and liberating. “Just Do It,” while borrowed from a slogan from an old Nike ad, has served me well. It is one step further, one horse stronger, than “Start.”

What I have a real problem coming to terms with, however, is missing my self-imposed deadline of ‘August’ for my launch. (Big expletive at PITA!!)

There are many around me now chanting, “Don’t stop now!”

My husband’s version is more like, “Don’t even think about stopping now!”

And while it’s not a failure – more like a setback – it’s bugging me. Big time.

But on I will trudge. Advertisers are lined up to support our stories. Stories are ready. (I can’t wait to share them with the world.)

(We are still – and probably always – looking for new writers and stories. Check out our Writers’ Lounge for more info.)

So Just Do It applies to almost everything. The one thing I can’t just wing and fix later are writers’ contracts. I’ve really researched and worked with my legal team to make sure we start in the right place. I should have them finalized and out to our first group of writers by late next week. Then it’s a back and forth about details until – Ta Da! We’re up and running.

Stay tuned. Bring a friend. And come with us as we grow into something very big.

Screw PITA.



2 thoughts on “This Journey Of A Thousand Miles

  1. Girl, there is no reason to get down about it! We’re all excitedly waiting for the launch!! I think it’s amazing what you have undertaken, it’s a fabulous idea, and I’m thrilled to have some little part of it. Kudos to you, Alex!!


    • Thanks Jeannine! It’s so good to have you along with me on this journey. I am loving the whole process – the learning, the successes, the people! Could do without the interruptions and life getting the way and slowing me down. I’m not big on patience – especially with myself. I figure when God was handing out that handy character trait, I got fed up waiting in line and left…

      But we’re on track, if a little behind. I appreciate the pat on the back. Helps to even out the stomping of my foot!

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