A Romantic Short Philosophy

An idea conceived by founder, Alexandra Brown, more than twenty-five years ago, Romantic Shorts is finally a dream becoming a reality.

Her first choice for a title for the idea was Nooners. Until she started running that through the search engines and found that their ideas of a nooner was not quite in line with hers. And so, Romantic Shorts was born.

“Its time has come,” smiles Brown, as she points out that in its infancy, Romantic Shorts was intended to be a monthly magazine. That cost prohibitive direction kept the idea on a shelf until present day, when the Internet makes everything she wanted to do with the project simple, cost effective, and, more importantly, possible.

“I want to build something from nothing,” she explains. “I want to make something that’s fun and exciting, but that helps others, especially women, to realize their dreams. It is my goal to take Romantic Shorts from being a stepping stone in a writer’s career, to being a destination.

“I want to provide a quality, memorable reading experience for visitors worldwide, offering stories about real people in new places, having exciting romances”

When compared to other e-zines, Brown is quick to clarify.

“Romantic Shorts is unlike anything else on the Internet. The high-quality stories are offered to readers free of charge. They can subscribe to be notified of new arrivals, or they can just visit when the mood hits. But they are not charged a subscription fee. Financial support will come from advertising and the sale of hardcopy and e-anthologies, as well as some fun licensed products through our online Bookstore.

“We’re not an e-zine. Romantic Shorts is more substantial, aiming to provide a new romantic short story every weekday, making it less disposable than your average magazine. We’re breaking new ground here, at a time when the publishing world is being rocked to its foundations.

“The future of publishing looks very different given the potential of digital delivery. We will never completely give up our paper books; they are an experience that appeals to our souls. But more and more, we will turn to digital options – downloading material to our computers, taking advantage of the convenience of our handheld devices, or simply using the Internet to purchase our books. These changes are happening, and happening fast and faster every day. We have to keep ahead of the wave to have a future in publishing, and to provide a future for writers when traditionally published writers are an endangered species.

“Romantic Shorts offers a model for others to follow, beginning with digital format, while offering hardcopy editions as a print-on-demand feature. It’s a backward way of doing things, but the world isn’t moving in any one particular direction anymore.

“And if we can offer a quality product to our readers, while promoting the writing careers of so many, then we will find that our own path is one that leads to success and accomplishment, satisfaction and reward.”

We welcome readers from all walks of life, worldwide, and invite you to share in this adventure. Romantic Shorts is looking for skilled writers to join their team of authors. Click here if you would like more information about how to make that happen.

Romantic Shorts

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