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Open Call For Submissions

We’re looking for stories. If you’re a writer – or always wanted to be – check out our Submission Guidelines at Romantic Shorts HQ. This could be the beginning of a beautiful career!!


( July 2020 ) – Romantic Shorts announces its return from the oblivion of life-upside-down and welcomes back both readers and writers after far too long. Watch here for updates over the summer, and some great new stories beginning Fall 2020.

As Romantic Shorts’ Founder, I would also like to extend my sincerest appreciation and gratitude for all of the support and love I’ve received as I have traveled my path into widowhood. I’ve been busy and look forward to connecting with you, as well as sharing some of the incredible things I’ve learned along the way.

Writers, reach out, query your stories, update your info with us, and let’s get your works published. Visit our HQ for details, contact info, and submission guidelines. And if you’ve been caught in the limbo of an over-neglected inbox, please let me know so I can catch us up as quickly as possible. There are many of you in there – and I’m trying to reconnect as quickly as possible.

Once again, thank you for your patience, your understanding, and your love and support during my most difficulty journey. Our Romantic Shorts community is a truly remarkable collection of the kindest hearts.

Alex Brown

Romantic Shorts

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