Romantic Shorts presents Pat Garcia‘s On A Rainy Day. Follow Tess on a whirlwind romance and she comes to realize and accept her feelings for a man she has never met. Sometimes, finally being in the right place, at the right time, is all we need to steer us in the right direction of our destiny. And when it’s meant to be, the universe will conspire until, at last, all is right in the world. 

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On A Rainy Day

by Pat Garcia

Sitting in her living room, drinking her first cup of freshly brewed coffee, Tess looked out of her huge glass window, as she watched the rain fall silently from the sky.

Having finally drifted to sleep around five in the morning, she had been sleeping hard when the movers came, and she was awakened out of a deep, forgotten dream. She really wasn’t looking forward to her new neighbours. The man was absolutely obnoxious. Yesterday evening, as he was getting ready to enter into his apartment, she had said hello, but he had barely paid attention to her as he barked good evening and turned his back to enter into his apartment. Her clock had said eight AM when she woke up, and knowing that she would not be able to go back to sleep with the noise outside her door, she had decided to get up, brew a fresh pot of coffee and continue to work on her book until she went to work.

Tess loved her new apartment. It was the bonus that she received for following Luigi, Myra, and the kids to Italy. Set on top of a hill, the apartment had a master bedroom with a luxurious bath, four additional bedrooms, two and one half bathrooms, a large living room with a beautiful view of the city landscape, and a huge kitchen. At first she had hesitated at accepting such a spacious apartment, but Myra had assured her that the company had chosen this apartment just for her.  “It is part of your compensation package,” Myra had said teasingly, “for moving to Italy from Germany with us,” and she had giggled like a little girl who was hiding a secret.

David, Luigi’s boss and the owner of Donatelli Architect, had thought it strange that Luigi had insisted on bringing his personal assistant with him, and had asked himself whether Myra was aware of it. Assuming that Tess and Luigi were sleeping together, he was not pleased at all. David did not want to see Myra or the kids hurt, and he planned to visit Myra when he arrived in Italy after he had helped Carla settle in. After his own failed marriage, and Carla, his daughter, recently losing her husband in the line of duty, he knew that life could end quickly. A lesson Luigi apparently had not yet learned.

Normally, Tess did not work on the weekend, but today was an exception to policy. The new boss had demanded to have a meeting for two PM. Saturday was the only day she had to sleep in and be lazy, and the more she thought about the upcoming meeting, the more annoyed she became. Although she had never met her new boss, she considered him to be inconsiderate and bossy. If not for Luigi…

Hearing a loud bang in the hallway outside her apartment, she cringed; those movers are really clumsy, she thought. I hope the new people aren’t as loud when they start living in the apartment. At that moment another startling bang shattered the stillness in the hallway, and hearing the angry voice outside of her door, Tess knew that the movers were in trouble.

My oh my, she said to herself. They’re just people and anyone can make a mistake, Mister.

Getting up, Tess was going to put on a change of clothes when her doorbell rang. Walking slowly to the door, she asked herself, now who is this? I told Luigi that I would catch the bus, but knowing that Myra and the kids were away, it would not have surprised her if Luigi came by for a cup of coffee or to sleep in her godchildren’s bedroom.

Whoever it was obviously didn’t think that she was answering quickly enough––they were leaning on her doorbell. That couldn’t be Luigi ringing my doorbell like that! Whoever it is, is an idiot, and her temper rose as she quickened her steps.  It was annoying to be disturbed on such a beautiful rainy day by someone who was ignorant, and she opened her door with a force matching her mood. “Who in the hell do you think you are, ringing my doorbell like an idiot?” she yelled.

Her new neighbour stood before her frowning, wondering whom she was yelling at, and a look of disdain lined his face when he answered her question. “I needed help, and since you were not answering, I didn’t think anyone was at home. I just wanted to make sure.”

“Well, someone is at home. What do you want, may I ask?”

“I would like to use your telephone, if you don’t mind,” her neighbour replied, trying to hide the laughter in his voice, while examining the woman standing before him. Beautiful, he thought, and the desire to get to know her stirred within him just as it had yesterday evening in the hallway. Afro-American with braids, he estimated her age at around forty years––not more than forty-three.

After I get Carla settled you’re mine, Lady, he thought. Your temperament is exactly what I need in my life. It impressed him that she was standing there like a boxer ready to take him on and wasn’t bowled over by his good looks.

“Don’t you have a cell phone or are you one of those cheapskates who poaches off of others?” Tess asked, unimpressed and angry with the gentleman standing before her. Judging him to be somewhere between forty-five and fifty, and much too young for her, Tess thought, he looks like one of those mixed puppies, and he is obviously spoiled by his wife.

“Can I use your phone or not, Lady? I don’t have time to stand in this hallway and give you reasons for my not having a cell phone.”

Stepping aside so that he could enter, Tess said, “Sure, the telephone is straight ahead,” and she muttered under her breath sarcastically, “Master.”

Hearing the last word, he chuckled under his breath. You are a sparky little thing. I hope you aren’t married, because if you aren’t, I have plans for you, he thought as he found the telephone to make his call.  Speaking in Italian, he let his partner know that directly after their appointment they would meet Sam and Ted at Carla’s apartment.

After he had finished, he took out a €20 bill. “Here is something for the phone call and for my disturbing you.”

“Keep it. I don’t want it,” Tess said about to explode because of his haughtiness.

“Lady, I insist. Buy a nice bottle of wine for you and your husband,” he replied, fishing for information about her marital status.

“Mister, I said––keep it! Did I say that I was married? I don’t need your generosity,” she spat, and walking to the door, she opened it, silently demanding with her eyes for him to get out.

Examining her, the eyes of her neighbour glowed intensely as he tried to hold back his laughter. None of my buddies would believe that I have met a woman who is throwing me out of her apartment, he thought, and laying the bill on the table by the telephone he shot back, “I don’t care what you do with it. It is yours,” walking out quickly before his basic instinct to take her in his arms and kiss her got the upper hand.

Tess let the door slam behind him as she let out a strained growl of frustration. She was fed up with arrogant know it all men who thought they owned the world and felt that it should be jumping to their tune. It was enough that she had to go to a meeting on her day off to hear one of them give his welcome greeting. Now she also had one living across the hall. Going to the phone, she looked at the  €20, and shuddered as she thought of how timid his wife must be. When I get home tonight I will take it and give it to his wife. I hope she is much nicer than he is.

When she left her apartment the movers were busy moving furniture in, and she did not see Mr. Arrogant Boor, but she could hear him barking out orders in Italian. Another man had joined him; she heard two voices. Don’t tell me that there are two of those kind walking around. LORD, help those poor women who are married to them. They probably are afraid to even think!

Tess had no way of knowing that David was discussing his encounter with her to one of his best buddies, Samuel Adams. Sam had his own CAD company based in Italy and was married to an Italian-Afro-American psychiatrist, who was lecturing at the University, where Carla was getting her Master’s degree.

“What are you going to do about her?” Sam had been asking him. He had never seen his friend excited about any woman––not even when he was married.

“I don’t know, Man. I just know that our encounter in the hallway, yesterday evening, knocked me off of my feet, and this morning I would have claimed her in my life permanently if I had stayed in her apartment any longer. It is now a matter of how she deals with the €20 I left on her desk. If she brings it back, she belongs to me.”

“What happens if she doesn’t bring it back, David?” Sam asked, knowing that his friend had just experienced one of those, first time I saw you, love at first sight, I am in love experiences.

“Then, I will hurt, Man, but I will deal with that also.”

* * * * *

Arriving at the auto repair shop, Tess had to wait an hour. Taking a seat in the small lounge, the secretary brought her a cup of coffee. It was still raining and Tess sat back and let her mind wander over the past nine years, since Luigi had married Myra. Two beautiful five-year-old twins had been created out of their love. Because Myra was ten years older than Luigi, they had decided to have children early, and Tess, who was now sixty years old, and older than Myra and Luigi, was the proud Aunt and Godmother.

The voice coming over the loudspeaker informed her that her car was ready, and brought her out of her daydreaming. After paying, she drove away thinking that she would make it to the meeting on time. When she turned on Wilshire Boulevard––a one-way street–– she realized that she had just turned into a major traffic jam. Knowing that she would never make it in time for the meeting, she reached for her handbag to retrieve her cell phone, so that she could call Luigi, only to find out that she had left her cell phone at home on her table. Thinking about the man who had rung her doorbell, she blamed him. It’s all his fault, she decided.

The meeting started promptly at two o’clock. David briefed the staff about his expectations and introduced Kohana as his partner who would be running the day-to-day operation. Kohana assured them that he was there to support them, and the meeting was over.

Everyone had attended except for Tess, and David was highly pissed off, but saw it as a blessing. Now he could interfere in Luigi’s love affair and fire the woman who didn’t show up. Speaking with Luigi, who was trying to apologize for Tess, David gave him an order with a bit of irony in his voice, “I want to see this woman in my office first thing Monday, okay? She does work on Mondays, right?”

Luigi looked at him strangely and said, “Of course she works on Mondays. She is an excellent employee, David, and I can’t do without her.”

“Well, we’ll see if that’s true,” David replied in a threatening voice.

“What do you mean, David? Give Tess a chance. You don’t know her. There’s a perfectly good explanation for her missing the meeting.”

“Oh, it’s Tess, is it?”

“Tess is like a sister to me. She’s the same woman that Myra has been trying to get you to meet, but you’ve never taken the time,” Luigi said in defence of using her first name.

“Sure,” David replied, not listening to what Luigi had said. “Just tell her to be in my office at nine AM. I’ll talk with you after I’ve had my talk with your Ms. Jordan.”

David was in a hurry. He and Kohana had left Sam and Ted busy working at Carla’s  apartment and wanted to return quickly to join them.

Departing the office, David and Kohana talked about Luigi’s assistant.

“What are you going to do, Man?” Kohana asked.

“I’m going to fire her and save Luigi’s marriage.”

“What if you’re wrong and he isn’t having an affair? After all, Luigi seemed pretty upset with your insinuations, and he did mention that Myra has tried to bring you two together.”

“There’s only one woman I want to meet, and she happens to be dark and lovely, and lives across the hall from my daughter. If I am wrong, this woman can remain his PA.”

Arriving at the office, Tess found Luigi highly upset. He immediately began hollering at her––something he had never done. Calming down, he told Tess what had happened but stopped short of telling her that David Donatelli was the friend that Myra had been trying to introduce her to for the past five years. Missing Myra and the kids who were visiting her parents before the kids had to come back to attend a private school in Italy, Luigi felt lost. Besides his wife and kids, Tess was the other pearl in his life, and he was afraid of losing her.

Driving home that evening, tired and worried, Tess reaffirmed her promise to Luigi that she would do anything Mr. Donatelli asked her to do to keep her job except anything unethical or immoral. She chuckled to herself. She had made the same promise to Myra about five years ago, when Myra was trying to get her and this man friend of hers together. Fortunately, it hadn’t worked out, Tess thought. I’m probably better off without him. Thinking about her Monday morning battle, she prayed, LORD, let this man at least be fair with me.

Her thoughts drifted back to Luigi, remembering a time so long ago when she was still filled with youth and wonder.

* * * * *

Tess Jordan was a fighter, a dreamer with a big heart for people. Her love was writing, and after finishing at the University, she stepped out into what she wanted to do. Quickly, she had learned that she would have to box her way gently into the writing world, and so she had done what every other ‘wannabe writer’ does: found a day job. Working at the local centre for people with mental health problems, she took the two thirty to eleven evening shifts because she always wrote better in the early morning or late night.

Heading home one evening, she had seen Luigi leaning over the rail of the bridge. It was the shock of her life, and stopping her car abruptly, she had run towards him. She remembered it as a surreal and dreamy experience because there was no traffic on the highway, and she had wondered, where are all the people?

Approaching Luigi she had said, “Hi, you want to talk about it?”

He had laughed at her and answered, “No, why are you asking? You do not really care.”

“Oh yes I do,” she had said. “Because if you jump, I will have a lot of bad memories for a very long time.”

Luigi had laughed and turned to look at her. “You’re funny, lady. You’ve made me laugh.”

“Funny enough, I hope that you will give life another try. Where do you come from?”  She had asked.

Tess spent two hours that night on the bridge with him and it has been worth it. She came away with an adopted brother and a friend for life. Since then, she and Luigi were closer than blood kindred and wherever Luigi went, Tess went.

After Luigi had fallen in love with Myra, Tess had thought that he would not need her anymore. Instead, Myra had insisted that she remain in the family, and now Tess and Myra were the best of friends. There is a friend that sticks closer to you than a brother or sister, Tess whispered softly to herself, and she let out a shout of laughter as she thought about some of the dumb things that she and Myra had done.

When Myra heard that David had lost his wife, she had thought that he and Tess would be a great couple. But every time she had tried to bring them together, David always had something else planned.

Describing David to Tess one evening, Tess had asked Myra, “Is he nice? Is he a Christian? Does he have a sense of humour?”

Each time Myra had built her hopes up, Tess had been hurt because David refused Myra’s invitations. So Tess had given up ever meeting this dream friend of Myra’s and accepted that it wasn’t meant to be.

* * * * *

Turning the lights on in her apartment, she saw the €20 lying by the phone, and remembered that she wanted to return it––grabbing it, she exited her apartment and rang the doorbell to the apartment across the hall.

Opening the door, Carla greeted her with a smile. “Hi, I’m Carla. Please come in.”

Tess returned her greeting with a smile. “I’m Tess from across the hall, and I want to return the €20 that your husband left next to my telephone this morning.”

Carla burst into tears and ran into the living room, leaving Tess standing there shocked, asking herself, what have I said to upset her? Thinking about Mr. Arrogant Boor, she figured he had probably given her a bad time–––and in her condition.

Following her into the room to apologize, Tess stopped, lightly shocked. Standing before her among various pile of boxes were four of the most striking men that she had seen in a long time.  David, holding Carla in his arms, Kohana, Sam, and Ted were also shocked.

Kohana broke the silence, curious to know more about the woman who was standing before them. “Let me introduce myself. I’m Kohana Roth and you are, may I ask?”

“Tess Jordan,” she replied. “Is she okay?  I didn’t mean to offend her. I just wanted to return the money from this morning.”

David’s mouth dropped open. Here, standing before them, Carla’s new neighbour, was “the Tess Jordan” that belonged to Donatelli Architect and Myra’s best friend. And he suddenly saw Myra and her conniving, manipulative, and tricky move with a whole new respect. When that woman wanted something done…

David was speechless. So this is Tess Jordan, he thought and smiled to himself, delightfully anticipating his encounter with her on Monday morning.

Kohana answered, smiling, “Oh, she’s going to be alright. Nice meeting you, Ms. Jordan. The man to your right is Samuel Adams, to your left, Ted Davidson, and behind me, – “

But before he could say David’s name, he interrupted, adding, “Ms. Jordan and I had our encounter this morning.”

Ignoring David, Tess said to the three gentlemen, “Nice meeting the three of you.”

And all three snickered quietly at her ignoring David as if he were not there.

“I am curious, Ms. Jordan, what do you do for a living?” Kohana continued, knowing David had caught her jab.

“I am a PA for Donatelli Architect. My boss, his family and I, have just moved here a month ago. I live in the apartment across the hall.”

“Oh, you do, do you? These are nice apartments.”

“Yes, I know and they are spacious. However, Myra, the realtor––Luigi’s wife–– assured me that the company had rented this one especially for me.”

“Oh, that is really interesting.” Kohana raised an eyebrow at David.

“Why? Do you know Myra?”

“Well, you could say that I have had some business with someone named Myra.” Kohana replied, and David coughed sending him a warning to steer away from that topic.

“Do you like your job?” Kohana asked, quickly changing the subject.

“I love working for Luigi.”

“Oh, really now?” Kohana asked curiously, as he stifled a chuckle.

“It’s not what you’re thinking, Mr Roth. Luigi is my adopted brother, and I have known his wife, Myra, since they both met each other. When she married Luigi, I came with the package.”

“Please call me Ko, or Kohana. I didn’t mean to insinuate that there was anything inappropriate with your boss. I’m sorry.”

“Thanks. Apology accepted, and please call me Tess.”

 Encouraged to talk by the three men, Tess told them how fortunate she was to be a part of Luigi’s family––clearing herself from any suspicion of being Luigi’s mistress.

It was when David coughed lightly again, that she remembered he was in the room and her purpose for coming. Suddenly her shyness appeared, and she wanted to get out of there quickly. Approaching Carla, who was in David arms, Tess asked, “I see you are well along––your seventh month?”

“My sixth,” she smiled weakly.

“Well, here is something for the baby. Your husband left it on my telephone table as payment for using my phone. I told him not to do it, but since he doesn’t seem to understand English very well, there was a miscommunication,” and everyone in the room laughed, including David. Carla was about to tell her that David was not her husband, but her Dad, when David interrupted quickly and said, “Sweetheart, take the money and consider it as a present from Ms. Jordan.”

“Why don’t you stay awhile Ms. Jordan?” Sam asked, very much aware of the sparks flying between Tess and David. “We were just getting ready to depart.”

“Thank you, but it was a long night and I had a bad day starting with my doorbell being rung after I had had only three hours of sleep,” she said looking directly at David, “then having to wait on my car that was at the repair shop, and next missing a meeting with an arrogant boor who thinks he may be God’s gift to management. Right now I need some down time to relax––alone.”

“A meeting with an arrogant boor, did you say?” Kohana asked edging her on.

“Yes, that’s what I’ve named him. I haven’t met the man yet, but after today, I probably don’t have a job.”

“If you lose your job, give me a call, and I’ll hire you. I don’t have a card on me right now, but you can let Carla know. She’ll get in touch with me right away.” Kohana replied, trying to keep from laughing.

Carla, upset with the men, because they were not revealing who her dad was to Tess, was about to open her mouth when the doorbell rang, and Lynn, Johnetta, and Lisa entered the room to pick up their husbands. Kohana introduced the three to her–––pointing out who was married to whom.

Seeing this as her possible exit, Tess took it. The ladies begged her not to leave, but Tess, looking at David’s reaction, decided that she did not want to humiliate herself by arguing with Carla’s husband again, and said good night.

After Tess’s departure, David informed them of his morning visit with Tess and their encounter Friday evening. By the time the others had departed Carla’s apartment for dinner and the theatre, everyone, except Tess, knew that David had fallen in love with her and was already planning their wedding for as soon as possible.

* * * * *

Tess was in the office before Luigi.  Facing her he said, “Tess, don’t forget your promise to me. You won’t explode and tell the man what you think. Think about Myra, the kids, and me; you would hurt us badly. Besides, you might like him.”

Tess grunted and walked out of her office to the elevator.

Going up to the seventh floor, she looked out the window. It had started raining again, which was usually a good omen for her. Marina, David’s PA whom Tess knew, was at her desk.

“Hi, Marina, how are you? I believe the big boss wants to see me.”

Marina had been expecting her. David had asked her to get Tess’s personnel file when she got in this morning. Returning with the file, David had taken it and closed his office door. While reading it, David received another shock. Tess was sixty years old. Well, well, he thought. Lady, you may be older than I am, but your heart belongs to me. I need you in my life, and he smiled, anticipating her arrival.

“Go right in, he’s expecting you,” Marina replied with a smile.

“What’s he like?”

“Can’t tell yet, but I believe I am going to enjoy working for him. Why weren’t you at the meeting?”

“That’s a long story.  I’ll tell you about it afterward.”

“Hey girlfriend, he’s not going to bite you.”

“If you say so. Well, I’d better go in before he comes looking for me.”

Tapping on the door, she entered the room and turned to close the door behind her. As she turned back, she came face to face with David G. Donatelli, her next-door neighbour. Every word she had said on Saturday ran through her mind, and before David could say anything, she mumbled her apology for missing his meeting, and stated that her resignation would be in his hands before twelve. Moving quickly to the door, she wanted to leave and prevent him from seeing her tears, but David reached the door first and blocked her exit.

“Mr Donatelli, would you please step aside?” she demanded, forcing herself to look up at him with watery eyes that were trying their best not to overflow.

“No, you and I have to talk. I didn’t know that you were working for Donatelli Architect nor did I know that you were the woman that Myra has been trying to get me to meet for the past five years.”

“Are you telling me that you are Myra’s friend?” Tess asked in unbelief and almost fainted for the first time in her life, thinking, I think I am in the wrong film.

“Yes, I am Tess and let me apologize for not revealing myself on Saturday evening when you came by. I can only say it was a shock for all of us that you were ‘the woman.’

“And the name is David,” he said, as he reached forth and brought her into his arms, catching her off guard. His mouth came down upon hers, coaxing out of her a response to the feelings that had been swelling up inside of him since Friday evening. Tess moaned when David captured her tongue, and trembling with desire that rose up from within her, she struggled to get out of his embrace.

“What do you want to talk about?” Tess asked, barely whispering as she tried to remove herself from arms that tightened at her every movement.

“About us. I’ve got something to ask you and you’re not leaving my arms until you hear what I have to say.”

“There is no us!”

“Shh––don’t say something that you definitely will regret. Carla, my daughter, lost her husband in the line of duty four months ago. She told me that I should have talked with you Saturday evening, but you were so upset that I didn’t think you would have listened to me.”

Hearing him explain about Carla, Tess stopped struggling.

“I’m sorry about what happened to her. It must be awfully hard for her.” She said softly.

“Thank you. It is, but she’s dealing with it day by day. Some days are better than others. If I had listened to Luigi on Saturday, your Saturday evening would have ended differently and mine also.”

“So, what do you want from me––to look after your daughter?”

“No, Tess, that is not what I want,” David said.

“Well, what do you want? I don’t have sex without a marriage license.”

“I want much more than that. So, what about intimacy with a marriage license?”

Tess stood there, not quite believing what she had heard. Here was her big boss asking to marry her?

“I’m serious, Tess. I fell in love with you Friday evening in the hallway, and I want to marry you. I am no child. I know what I like and I know it when I see it. And I’ve learned that life is too short to waste with insecurity and indecision. I’ve thought of nothing but you since I first laid eyes on you. You challenge me. And surprise me. And intrigue me as no other woman ever has. I’ll give you time to get to know me after we have gotten married.”

“I don’t believe in having sex during engagements either,” Tess said, trying to buy herself some time to think. This was the man Myra had been trying to introduce her to for five years. She realized that she knew him better than she thought she did. Myra had thought enough of him to choose him for her. This explained why she was listening with an open mind, and a interested heart.

“What is this with you and sex?” replied David. “When we unite we’ll experience a special intimacy with each other and not just sex. I want to spend the rest of my life getting to know you.”

The intercom rang and Marina informed him that Luigi was pacing the floor, insisting on talking to him now. Telling Marina to let him in, Luigi came storming in like a bull that had just been untied.

“Here is my resignation,” he said. “Stop harassing Tess. She doesn’t deserve it.”

David had to smile.

“Luigi, take back your resignation. I’m not chewing Tess out. I just asked her to marry me. Right Tess?”

“Tess, is this true?” Luigi asked, not commenting on the fact that she was in David’s arms.

“It is true that he’s asked me to marry him, but I didn’t know David Donatelli was Myra’s friend or our boss.”

“Then, when did you meet him?”

“We met in the hallway, Friday evening and Saturday morning in my apartment. He is the man that I was telling you about. He interrupted my morning to use the telephone and we had an argument about him ringing my doorbell like crazy.”

Luigi laughed.

“Why didn’t you tell me that he was Myra’s friend?” Tess asked, accusingly.

“I tried to tell you before you left Saturday afternoon, but you didn’t want me to mention the boss over dinner. Remember?”

“You’re right about that one.” Tess remarked and Luigi chuckled, thinking that it could only happen to Tess. With a look of approval, he said, “I’ll be in the office, if you need any help convincing her, David.”

“Thanks.” David replied.

“May I inform my wife that her plan finally worked?” Luigi grinned like a young boy with an ice cream cone. And Tess felt her heart explode as she realized her trust and love for her brother suddenly shed a whole new light on her current predicament.

“Of course, let her know that she planned it very well, and to get back very soon if she wants to see Tess get married.”

Luigi smiled at Tess. “You are a lucky man, David. You have a jewel in your arms.”

“May I sit down, please?” she whispered, overwhelmed at the event taking place.

“Of course you can,” and David led her to the sofa and sat down, pulling her down closely beside him and cradling her in his arms.

A light knock on the door had Kohana walking into David’s office and Tess received the next shock. “So, we see one another again. It was nice meeting you Saturday evening, Tess. I see you don’t need a new job and you have conquered your Mr. Arrogant Boor. Have you said yes yet?”

“She would if people stopped interrupting us,” David answered before Tess could say anything. Observing her, David asked, “Tess, you do plan on saying yes, don’t you?”

Both he and Kohana were holding their breath. Ko knew a rejection from Tess would mean years of counselling for David, especially since Carla had lost her husband.

“Can we wait until Myra and the kids get back before we have the ceremony?” Tess asked, the acceptance of what was happening to her settling oddly in a very comfortable part of her mind and heart.

“Of course. When will they arrive?”

“They have another two weeks, if I am not mistaken.”

“Ko, arrange with Luigi to get Myra and the kids back as soon as possible!”

“How soon is soon?” Kohana asked.


Seeing the surprise on Tess’s face, David told her, “There is no way I am going to wait two weeks, Cara. I am not going to give you time to find an excuse not to marry me.”

“Congratulations, Tess,” Kohana said, as he departed the office to talk with Luigi about his family.

Meanwhile, Marina tapped on the door and stuck her head in to ask if she should bring coffee, and received the shock of her life. Tess was sitting in David’s embrace with her head lying on his shoulder, and Marina almost fainted.

“It’s okay, Marina. Tess has a right to be here. We’re getting married soon. Could you arrange for a champagne hour today at three for all the staff in the conference room?”

“Sure, and congratulations, Tess. I now know “the why” and closing the door with a big grin on her face, she ran to her phone to spread the news.

“The why about what?” David asked curiously.

“Oh, nothing special,” Tess replied, standing to try to burn some nervous energy.

Pulling her back down beside him quickly, David remarked, “I’m still waiting for your answer, Tess”

Though still unsure, Tess was curious of the intimacy ahead with him.

“Are you sure this is what you want to do?” Tess asked softly.

“I don’t want to have you any other way, Tess. Say yes.”

“Then yes,” she heard herself say. “Yes, I’m yours,” and David’s mouth came down upon hers once again, as he planted kisses wherever he could while his hands caressed her body. Bringing her close to him, he let her feel his need for her. Drowned in his passion, her lips swollen from his assault, Tess was too weak to move.

“Are you sure you want to have Myra at our wedding?” David asked, as he tenderly caressed her shoulders.

“No, I’m not so sure about anything right now,” Tess barely whispered.

“Good, then we’ll get married Wednesday at noon, no matter what, agreed?”

“Yes, agreed,” Tess, replied softly.

David stood up, and holding his hand out to her, he led her to his desk where he promptly called Carla to give her the good news personally. By the time David had accompanied Tess to her office, everyone in the company knew. Kissing her goodbye, he asked, “Are you sure you want to wait until Wednesday?”

“We can make it on Thursday, if you want?” she replied shyly.

“How about today at seven?”

“David!” Tess shouted.

“Alright, just thought I would try,” he said kissing her once again before returning to his office, one happy man.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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115 thoughts on “ON A RAINY DAY

  1. I loved the story thank you very much! Full of imagery – I could picture the scene/s! One error I think ‘shuddering’ instead of ‘shuttering’? Apart from that I really enjoyed it. I could sense the aggravation of Tess and the humour of the situation and really I had pictures in my mind all the time. I could almost smell the coffee brewing!

    • Thanks for the heads-up on that, Susan. The error has been corrected and no one will be the wiser…

      So glad you enjoyed the story! Welcome!
      Alexandra Brown,
      Founder and Chief Operations Manager,
      Romantic Shorts.

    • My Dear Susan
      Thank you, My Dear. You were the very first to make a comment and all the way from South Africa. Thank you for your loyalty and support. and thank you for catching that error. It is so nice to know that I have dear people who want me look good.

      • Pat It’s a beautiful story. Which says that nothing happens without a reason. I find it very beautiful, as you described it. with a mixture of memories and current events. I read this story with pleasure. Thank you.

    • I received the link of your short-short romantic story from Chris Holman. I am usually not a romantic story reader. I think the closet material that I came closest to was Shakespheare’s Romeo and Juliet, Tame of the Shrew and Terry MacMillian’s work in Waiting to Exhale. I am very glad that you write with a mission. There were several points that I thought could help to strenghten your work. I write myself. I used to sit in several writer’s groups. I wish I had the time you have to give birth to the stories that are in your spirit.

      When I read any piece, I always try to relate the title to the theme of the story or book. I did not see that connection. I did not see, feel the passion and relish the full development of the characters. For instance, who is the main character?. You never mention other than she was the PA for David what are her personality traits. why should I read more about her? I never got her rhythm, apart from the fact that she works. What makes this woman tick, what does she envsion as the man she wants to wrap her arms around. I read that was that she was angry. I was amazed that she could get that imbalanced instantly, without really inquiring; why this man was at her door. I didn’t het the romantic feeling and massiveness of Italian scenery. what about describing the female character’s entrance into the marbelized Italian aprtment. The scernery wasn’t there. It appears to me, here’s another sister who is so angry. I didn’t see the tenderness of her heart. Tell us how loving she is in the beginning not at the end. The manner in which her eye glared at David; is that enough to slice up someone and disqualify the individual for attempting to innocently need assistance? The play or color of words was not there. For instance in the first line you stated she held her first cup of coffee by the big window. This sounded so ordinary. What about if you said,” She cradled the mega coffee mug; seeping the aromas; as this Italian black gold drew her into a deep sleep. I did not get a picture of how this man and woman who never met would connect. Why should there be a love connection? Perhaps if they never met and dreamed about each other and then with their first meeting kazaam: intimacy, sparks, and then romance. It didn’t make sense. Perhaps if you were to look at Waiting to Exhale.
      Terry MacMillian carefully paints a picture of a woman who is nursing a drink at the bar. Terry carefull describes a woman who is sophisticated from the way the character is dressed, how she holds her head with confidence, the grace, the elegance is all wrapped up in this lovely package of a woman. Behind the hurt of the main character in Terry MacMillian wonderful book’ Wiaitn to Exhale the reader learns initally why this graceful woman is bitter. Just because your character looks at Mr. Donatelli does not really say anthing. Tell us how the eyes were speaking to the man. For instance, her pupils narrowedly, moved like laser beams moving him in a gestapo fashion,’ not missing the heavy movement of his feet. Something like that. I don’t see the strength,essence, grace, and personality of your main character. Why did Mr. Donatelli really love this woman? ” I know what I want!” It wounds very macho; but what is it that he want in a woman? What are the personality traits that attracts him romantically? The characters need more develpment.
      If you have read Zane’s materials; she is a quick study of character development. Zane convinces you that these characters are living right next door to you. She lures her audience in befor she talks about erotica. Her characters make you laugh, cry or motivates you to think about their fantasy. Read a couple of romance authors and examine their writing style, the theme and character development. You are in the right direction. If you are not part of a writer’s club; you’ll receive much constructive feedback. I’ve been to several writer’s clubs with famous writers who helped to strenthen craft. Best of everything.

      • Hello Valeire,
        Many thanks for reading the story and also for examining it so intensely. I have also read your comments and can only wish you the best in your writing. A writer writes his or her story based on his own perception of the world and his experiences within his, what I call, alternative world. Therefore, I will continue to write stories based on my own reality of how I see the world and not based on someone else’s .
        Once again, thank you, for the time you have invested and I wish you all the best.

    • My Dear Linda,
      Thank you so much. It means a lot to me that you read the story. I am looking forward to being a guest blogger on your blog in September, and I continue to wish you great success, Lady. You are a wonderful writer and friend.

  2. What a beautiful romantic short story! It’s not only easy to read and entertaining, but also touches different kinds of emotions inside of me. And when I was done reading I litterally re-started, wishing it would have been longer! I enjoyed it VERY MUCH!!

    • My Dear Raani,
      You are a dear. It makes me feel good to hear that you found the story interesting and humorous. It is my desire to write stories that invite people into an alternative world, if only for a few minutes, where they can forget the pressures of the day and relax and then come out refreshed.
      So thank you for your warm words of praise.

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    • Hello Bryan,
      Thank you. You have no idea how good that makes me feel. It is even more special because you are a man and if a man says that, then I feel like I am accomplishing what I want to accomplish. I want to write for males as well as females and your praise has encouraged me greatly.
      Once again, thank you.

    • My Dear Linnea,
      Thank you. I love to write inspirational, multicultural romantic suspense because my world here in Europe is multicultural in the finest way and it is nice. My female characters are strong women because those are the women that I hang around with. I have made some beautiful friendships with women of all nationalities and it is such a joy to know them and to hang around them.
      They were my readers before I sent my story off. So, I am very thankful to them for reading it.
      So, I thank you for noticing that my female characters are strong women. My female characters are women like you and me. We have to stand tall. That is one of the things I love about you as a person. You are standing tall and I look forward to reading your work in the coming future.

  4. This is a very interesting story. I could easily imagine the characters in my mind. I love the humor that is woven throughout the story. I hope to see many more stories from this author and it has made me want to read her on-line novel, Heart’s Desire, that is mentioned on her author’s page.

    • My Dear,
      I thank you. Because of you, I am sitting here writing comments to people thanking them for reading my story. You as a reader are my pillar of support. Without you, writing would be no fun.
      Thank you so much.

    • Ann,
      Thanks for your comments.
      I am fairly certain we’ll be hearing from Patricia again in the not-too-distant future. A terrific writer and a pleasure to work with – she’ll always be a welcome member of the Romantic Shorts family!

  5. Pat, What a delightful story. Tess sounds just like YOU! 😉 I enjoyed every bit of it. I’m applauding!

    • my Dear Gwynn,

      Thank you! Only you could say that Tess sounds like me and I am laughing as I write this comment to you. Of course, every writer give their characters a part of themselves. So, if you got to know Tess, you would definitely see a part of her in me.
      One of the nicest things in being a writer is that like an actor or actress, for the moment that you are being that other person, you are giving the character life. However, the most difficult thing is coming down from the merry-go-round. You feel lost. Yet, writing is intertwine in my life that I will not give it up. It is a part of me.
      Thanks once again for taking the time to read the story.

  6. Patricia,
    This is a delightful, powerful romantic story which is worth a second read. I am amazed at your versatility as a writer !! I’d love to read more stories like this from you. Congrats on the publication.

    always, Micki

    • My Dear Micki,
      I thank you. I am very thankful for the talent I have been given. I realize that it is not because of who I am or what I am. It is a gift and it gives me purpose and tremendous joy to sit down and right. The majority of the time, I forget to eat and I forget what time it is.
      Thank you for taking time to read my first published short story. It has been a pleasure working with Alex and I hope to work with her for years to come.

    • Hi Larry,
      I am laughing at your twists and turns. Thank you and I like your analogy very much. Even though I have experienced some intense struggles so far, my view of life has remained positive and that is what I want to input in my stories. The elements of caring and being concerned have gotten lost somewhere in our society and I want to do my part to restore it. It is so important to look up, instead of down, to reach out instead of folding your arms and doing nothing.
      Thank you for taking the time and reading my story. It means a lot to me. Thanks for reaching out.

  7. Pat, what can I say except for my imagination is running wild!! After reading this story I just see myself in such a way as having this romance walking through my door and living the life of being loved from first sight. You are blessed with a gift and please continue to use it and I shall continue to read your stories that allows you to put yourself in the place of the characters and imagine your life being that way.

    Once again THANK YOU for allowing me to dream.

  8. My Dear Carolyn,
    Thank you. I am happy that you dreamed, but don’t forget, dreams do come true. They may not come in the exact mold that a person is looking for, but the caring, concerned nature of any person does not have a face, because caring and concern comes from the heart.
    I can only write these storeis because I believe I love people. I love writing for people like you. I love writing stories that give hope, that have characters that show respect for one another and recognize the gift that comes their way when their destiny meets.
    I love painting the world as it is, with all the different nationalities and languages and races. I personally have an international circle of girlfriends and they are strong women and have achieved great things and they still are.
    I believe you are one of those women also, so keep on dreaming. As I have said in one of my blog articles on my website, dreams do come true.
    Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to read this story.

    • My Dear Sandra,
      Thank you for reading the story and thank you for your praise. That is my desire, to write so that people can forget, if only for an hour or two, the daily stress that they must face in their everyday life. To develop an alternative world where they sit back and enter in, an alternative world that they leave behind after reading and are refresh and ready to take up their responsibilities once again.
      That you could picture the people makes me very happy. Whether they make it to stage or in a film, I cannot say because that is not my decision. But I hope to continue to create lively and real characters. I love portraying strong women who master their lives. These kind of women are the backbone of societies, cultures on every continent on this earth.
      Once again, thank you.

    • My Dear Yona,
      Thank you for visiting this website and reading the story. I don’t know if you remember it, but it was one of your prophecies that lifted me up at a time when I needed it. I wrote you and told you about it, and you asked me to keep you posted. So, this enchanting story is also a result of your prayers and many others that other people have prayed. Everytime I look at it, I see all of the people like you who have stood behind me and sometimes screamed at me, “keep going, Patricia, don’t give up.
      So, truly thank you. You are dear to my heart.

  9. I could visualize the scences being played out in front of my eyes. I once knew a man like that and I married him 27 years ago. :). Like Gwynn I could see a strength in Tess that showed traits I think you have as well. This was a nice way to cap off the evening! Thank you Pat, and keep those wings fluttering!

    • Good Morning My Dear Liz,
      Thank you. Your words of encouragement, your insight, and the wisdom you have acquired and are so willing to share with others are some of the precious traits that I admire about you. And I love your humour also. It is always a pleasure for me to be associated with people who don’t take themselves too seriously. It makes my journey lighter, and you are one of those people. Oh, how I treasure meeting you on my journey!
      Thank you.

  10. My Dear Kawana,
    You do not know how humble I feel at this moment after reading your comment. Thank you. You see, you are from Evans, Georgia and I am a Georgia girl. My place of birth was Blythe, Georgia, a small country village at that time. I grew up in Augusta, Georgia, when my parents moved there when I was five years old. I was also the very first Afro-American to graduate from an integrated school in Augusta, Georgia. So, seeing someone from Evans,Georgia, which is a stone throw from Augusta, read my story has brought tears to my eyes. It is nothing so good as knowing that the home folks are rooting for you.
    I have never met you, but I can feel you are a dear person. I am so happy that you enjoyed the story and yes, I will keep on writing. It is engraved on my heart. There are so many stories that I want to write. I have to sometimes bridled my imagination so that I can rest.:-)
    We are in the month of July and if I remember correctly, it is very hot in Augusta and Evans, Georgia. The July and August months have heat indexes that are unbelievable. Yet, I miss those days sometimes and look forward to visiting my homeland during these months of intense heat, next year.
    Once again thank you. It was nice having a nice little chat from someone from Georgia.
    God bless you.

  11. Fantastic job Patricia! I’m not at all a romance genre reader, but I truly enjoyed the story you wrote! It was light, and fun, and I LOVED your main character, Tess. Reminiscent of a lady I know 😉
    Congratulations on what I hope is the first of MANY successes!

    • My Dear Tami,
      Your words are music to my heart, and I thank you. I knew you were not a fan of this genre, and so it was all the more important for me to hear your opinion. I must admit I have read many types of books in the romance genres, but never really found the book that I was looking for. You see, I am a fan from Jane Eyre and Edward Rochester, of Cathy and Heathcliff, of Silas Marner, and severals other characters that I have found in books by Victoria Holt, Mary Stewart, Daphane Du Maurier, Georgette Heyer, Dorothy Sayer, and I could go on and on. It has always been my desire to find my voice and to write as realistically as I could, by developing an alternative world where my reader feels at home and just relaxes with my story. That some of my characters resemble some of my characteristics is quite normal, because I believe a writer writes subjectively from how he or she perceives the world around them.
      And the characters say a lot about who the writer is. I have seen this in so many books, regardless of the genre, whether fiction or non-fiction, in Hemmingway, in Faulkner, in Fitzgerald, in Camus, or any other writer that I have read, I received a glimpse of their character.
      So, thank you. Your enjoying my short story lets me know that I am achieving my goal of going beyond the genre classification and writing a story for that anyone can read.

  12. It’s not easy to say something original after reading the comments above. I agree with every single one of them. However, I’d like to add that Pat has achieved a very difficult task; namely, to make her story utterly believable. The craft with which she makes the many secondary characters come to life through a couple of wisely laid strokes is remarkable. I love the main characters’ personality, the small incidents that delay the revelation of who they are to each other, and the ease of the dialogues.
    Congratulations, Pat! You have a great voice, one that I trust will ring loud and clear to delight us over and over again.

    • Good morning My Dear Marta,
      Thank you. The first part of your last sentence rings through my ears and is like a sweet symphony. It has taken me years to find my voice. I had read books from many great writers, and what fascinated me the most was they had found their voice. They knew who they were representing, and who they were speaking for. I admit I wrote some things in the past, and they may have been good, but they failed to give life. They were words strung together with no effect. I was searching, still writing, but my writing was not entering into the lives of people’s hearts, like I wanted it to.
      I have come to the conclusion that finding your voice has a lot to do with your own experience with life and how you perceived and mature in it, the struggles that you experience, the adventures that you let yourself encounter, the failures you have, because of bad choices, and the joy that you expeience, because of good decisions and risks you have taken.
      If this is true, then it may explain why it took years for me to find my voice. In fact, it was tthe year 2009, when I realized it had come to me. I don’t know exactly when it happened. All of I know is that the characters that had been slumbering in my life for years, and I do mean years, came to life and started talking to me, early in the morning, and I had to get up and write. Writing was no longer a chore or something I did every now and then. It became a part of me and a way of life.
      Therefore, I thank you for your perception. You are a very dear to me.

  13. Will sis you finally did it. It is a very good short story, I really enjoyed it. Look forward to other great master pieces. May this be a new chapter in YOUR book of life with the Lord that will bring many blessing to you and to those who reads your words that you put to print for many years to come.

    • My Dear Garry,
      It was the year 1979, and this soldier and his wife and daughter entered the church I was attending in Frankfurt, Germany. The fact that the man was caucasian and had a accent, which is typical of people who are from West Virginia, made me wary of him and mistrustful. Oh, how dumb I was! How could I know that this same man would be a key building stone to the foundation of my life? That man was you! And so anything I write today honors you also, because you kept me going, Bro. You never gave up on me. You never lost track, and every time I come to the U.S. A. I know I got a home by you and your lovely wife and children.
      So, thank you. It is because of you and several others, who have known me for years, and who have given me that kick when I needed it, that I am enjoying the pleasure of having my first short story published. You are one of the best and I love you.

  14. Well done Patti, we’re proud of you! With your writing, your blog entries and stories like that one, you’re conquering new land! You’re a brilliant writer! Go for it!

    • My Dear Andy,
      Thank you. You are an inspiration to me, and you are planted deep within my heart. To be so young, you have been given a gift of wisdom and love for people that is immense.
      You play a role in my going out and conquering new land. It was the year 2007, and the church was starting a new band. I knew I could sing, and so I had written down as primary skill singing, and written in very small letters so that no one could see it, “play a little bit of piano also.” You will never know how surprised I was, when you called me the next day, to ask me if I would consider playing the keyboards, because you needed someone for the keys. I could have fainted! I had never done that before in my life! That was five years ago, and I am amazed at how I have grown in my music, because I am mastering my piano skills. It still amazes me today, that a young man, who had very little view into my life, had the courage to challenge me to step outside of the box, and use the little talent I had, so that it could grow. For that, I am forever grateful.
      So, I thank you. Your challenge to me, to conquer that unknown land in my life, concerning the keyboards gave me courage to move on to conquer other territories of my life, and I will miss you when it is time for me to move farther. You are very dear to me.

  15. Hi Patti,
    Congratulations on this story! Depcits the struggles and inner thoughts everyday people are confronted with. I couldn’t even write it half as good as you did! Nice to see you make a career not only as a singer and musician but also as a writer.
    Lots of love all the way from South Africa,
    En baie groete uit Somerset West in die Wes Kaap,

    • My Dear Alex,
      Thank you. I have always known, I could depend upon you. You and I have had some beautiful concerts together and I enjoyed everyone of them. The arrangement of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot is on my website and every time I hear it or sing it in a jazz club, I think of you and the first evening we went through the arrangement. I had just returned from the U.S.A where I had also attended the funeral of my favourite uncle, who had died suddenly. In my small music room, you played the arrangement and I sang the sung and peace flooded the room. That was a special time for me.
      So I thank you. The purpose of all my writing is to depict realistic struggles of everyday life, to be as real as possible.
      Now that you are living in Cape Town, South Africa, who knows what the future holds for you. Maybe one day you will write of your experiences. I believe you can do it.

  16. Sister, I loved it so much. I could truly see and feel my surroundings. I felt you as the Tess character (smile). I want you to know that your charaters were very believiable. I hope this is just the beginning of many, many more great stories. Love ya, much!!

    • My Dear Sister,
      Thank you so much. If anyone knows me, it is you and your family and the Biller family. The number of times I shocked you with my imagination and my actions, I don’t want to count. I am quite sure, you were on your knees many nights concerning me. Thank you.
      I have really come to realize, all that I am today is because of faithful people like you who never gave up on me, who never disowned me, who never took your hands away from me. You may be in North Carolina, but you are only a phone call away, or a skype away. Thank God for skpye!
      In my heart burns a deep desire to make my characters real. It is so important to me to offer an alternative world to my readers, my world in which I find myself when I write. That you were able to enter in into the story makes me jump for joy.
      So, I thank you once again. You are very dear to me.

  17. love the story. great characters! it would be great to see them in a book or a series of books exploring each couple, more with tess and david; ko and his wife, luigi and myra…what do you say, auntie? i would read them 🙂

    • My Dear Niece,
      Only you could challenge me with such a challenge. How is the best librarian in the U.S.A. doing? Thank you for your assesment of the story. Now that I know your name, I will find you on Goodreads. I would have loved to expand the story, but that would not meet the goal of the publishing company. And believe me when I say, I cut out some parts where I was crying. They were all so good! But I believe every writer goes through those stages when they edit their stories.
      Looking at the story, now that it has been published, I find the scenes and the information given ideal. The concept of presenting a story in this form, with this length, draws the readers in and then gives them a conclusion. The concept is wonderful, and it will take off and fly. I cannot count the number of people whom I know that would like to read a short story in this length. They don’t have the time for anything else.
      However, if you are looking for something a little longer, I hope to have my book out soon. We’ll see.
      Once again thank you. You are one of the best nieces in my world, and I love you.

  18. Hi, Pat,
    nice short-story! I enjoyed reading it. I read a lot but this time it was different since I know the author – you! I makes me feel proud of you!
    I love reading because through reading I am invited in a different world. I can relax and forget my surroundings. Books kind of “absorbe” me. 🙂 People like you make this possible. Thank you and go on.
    Love, Conny

    • My Dear Connie,
      So nice to see your comments on my story, so wonderful to get to know you. Although we do not see each other much, it is a joy to me when I encounter you. And I am so happy that you enjoy reading. What a big plus that is for me!!! It is great knowing that I call out to a friend who loves reading, who loves getting into a story and depend on them to read it and let me know where the story stands. So, I thank you and I look forward to getting to know you even better. The time that I shared with you on June 16th was precious to me.
      Love you girlfriend.

  19. Fantastic! Drawing a reader into a story as an invisible partaker of all that is happening is easy if you write a 600 page book – but it needs great talent and is quite a special art to totally catch someones mind in the category of short storys. Well done!

    • My ´Dear Manfred,
      Thank you. What you think is important to me. You and your lovely wife are dear to my heart. Your insight into writing, the fact that you write yourself, makes your comments precious, and I will use them as part of my building material in my writing career. That you are not only a dear firend, but my Pastor makes the fact that you read my story, especially precious. I know that you are very busy. Pastors of large churches always have more tasks to fulfill than they can really fulfill. Yet, I see you trying to stay abreast of what your members are doing, trying to not lose touch with your Christian family, and that is a character trait in you that I cherish. It inspires me too want to do the same. So, I already know that no matter where I go and how far I travel, I will not lose touch with the foundational blocks that put me there. I have learned that from watching you. You are a great example of loyalty. Thus, I am all the more than thankful that you took the time to read it, I am elated!

  20. Hi Pat!!!
    Loved your story (of course)!!! Great writing from an amazing lady!!!! Keep up the good work!!!
    Sarah (Alabama, United States)

    • Hi Little Mother and Niece,
      Thank you. Coming from you, that means so much. You were one of the first people I consulted when I was getting ready to jump in those waters. You were the person God used to let me know that I was about to embark on something new. I will never forget that. Your words spoke to my heart and I knew it was time.
      So, I thank you for being so obedient, and I thank you for sharing your life with me. I have some great nieces in my life and you are one of them. I love you.

  21. Hello Patricia
    Wow, what a nice story..I love the humour, the characters and how they show their admiration and respect for each other and I love the story.
    Tess is a very interesting character I must say. I pictured her sassy and in her early 20’s and was surprised to find her all of 60. Makes me realize, I am not old either. There is so much going on in this story and yet it is not difficult to follow. YOu did a fantastic job!
    Keep up the great work! I would be happy to keep coming to read more and more..and it sure does help my coffee break time at work fly by.

    • (Might I interject and suggest subscribing – using the ‘SUBSCRIBE’ button toward the top of this page in the right hand sidebar – to receive notifications of future memorable romantic shorts… )
      Alexandra Brown

    • My Dear Diane,
      Thank you so much. It is amazing to write about my characters. Usually, they are slumbering somewhere inside of me, and they pop in when I need them. I want to write stories that reflect the reality of life the way I see it. Today, you would think that everyone is thirty in our world and that is not true. Life does not stop at thirty, forty, fifty or sixty. It stops when you no longer desire to change and grow into being whatever you can be. Tess is sassy. She looks average. She’s not a beauty queen that the media would take notice of, but she has a heart and a way smile that depicts that she enjoys life and this is what makes her beautiful. This is what draws David. He had already married one beauty queen and it was a catastrophe. He was looking for a woman who had a heart and he found it in Tess. But so much for that. My story requirements from my publisher had me editing and cutting lots of info that I would have liked to keep in there. However, now I am glad that I cut it out. It made my story more tantalizing and left it open. And it made it challenging. So, no your life is not over at fifty or sixty. It depends on how you perceive it.
      Once again, thank you. You are a dear.

  22. Patti, what a great story. I love it. You are telling the story in very lively manner and the characters are really taken from real life. Fantastic! You are very gifted. I’m very proud of you, and I hope to read more soon.

    • My Dear Thomas,
      Thank you. It was very important to me to hear your opinion. Your role and position in life and the fact that you work with many people,especially young people puts you into a position of knowing people and what they really desire to read. You also know when something is healthy and wholesome and therefore, I wanted to know your opinion.
      It is my desire not only to write books that women will read, but men also. I have had enough of the separating the sexes and generations. The results of it we see today in our own society where anyone over thirty is considered to be ancient and does not have anything to say. We part life in tiny pieces of pie and forget that life goes in a circle and thus separating things into categories is harmful for the development of the person.
      So thank you for your honest evaluation and I look forward to you reading more of my short stories as well as my books. I hope you will always be lifted up into my alternative world and will enjoy it.

  23. Hi Patti,
    thank you for sending me the link to this fascinating romantic story! I loved and enjoyed reading it! You are a fantastic writer!

    • My Dear Pamela,
      Thank you. You are a dear and loyal friend and I have enjoyed getting to know you. We have shared some beautiful times, times that I will not forget.
      Thank you also for the praise about my writing. To be very honest with you, I am often struggling with my words. Living in Germany and not in my native country, the USA, I often find myself lost, trying to find the words to express myself in my own native language. It has been the greatest joy to return to speaking and thinking in English, even though I still have a long ways to go.
      God has given me the gift to build pictures in people’s minds through the words that I write and there is no greater honor for any writer than to hear, you are a fantastic writer.
      So once again I thank you and say to you, You are a very loyal friend.

  24. Hello Aunt Pat!!
    Wow!! What a great story. I am so proud of you and can’t wait to read more of your work. Wishing you the best of luck!
    Mary (Alabama, U.S.)

    • My Dear Niece,
      Thank you. It is good hearing that coming from you. I cannot believe that the little baby I held in my arms after her birth now has graduated from the university and is now leading a life of her own. My how things change. Following your development in life has been one of my greatest pleasures and I am proud of you.
      One of my greatest joys was having you and your darling husband spend your honeymoon in your birthplace, Germany. That was a big hit for my life.
      So, I thank you for being there for your Aunt Pat when I needed you. Your reading my story and leaving comments showed me your love.
      I really do have some great nieces in my family and I am so thankful that you are one of them. I love you.

  25. Wow Patti,
    what a really, really romantic story!
    Tess is a wonderfull lady like you.
    I read the story a second time, because the
    actors characters are so attractive for me.
    You are definetly a great blessed writer.
    I love your manner of writing…
    touching hearts and souls.
    Romantic, humorous, refreshing und powerfull.
    I want to read more.
    Thanks, keep it up!!

    • My Dear Elke,
      Many, many thanks! Tess really represents every woman who has to go out and battle the world. She is the woman who is kindhearted, loving, and has a vision for her life, yet she has an uphill battle. But she doesn’t give up and isn’t bitter. Tess keeps on moving along, taking one step at a time to reach her goals. So, Tess is every woman. She is the single woman who is older and still haven’t met the right person for her life; she is the single woman with a child or children who devotes her life to raising them alone; she is the woman who still has that yearning for romance in her life even though others ignore and shun her. Tess is every woman. And therefore it is a pleasure when women see Tess and relate to her. In my encounters with you, I have seen Tess. Tess represents the strength in women, and you have that strength also.
      May I say here that Romantic Shorts writers’ write stories from the heart. It is our desire to write realistic, inspiring stories that cause you to re-energize and go back into your daily routine refreshed and we hope your look on life will be a little bit brighter. So I hope you will come back often, not only for my story, but for all of the other writers also. I believe Alex has brought together a great bunch of writers that will make a significant mark in the world.
      Once again thank you. You are dear to me.

      • “May I say here that Romantic Shorts writers’ write stories from the heart. It is our desire to write realistic, inspiring stories that cause you to re-energize and go back into your daily routine refreshed and we hope your look on life will be a little bit brighter. So I hope you will come back often, not only for my story, but for all of the other writers also. I believe Alex has brought together a great bunch of writers that will make a significant mark in the world.”

        Wow – I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks Pat!

  26. Pat, thanks so much for sending me the link to your story. You created a rich, textured tale with a great sense of setting and lovely characters, as well as a full romance, in such a compact space. It’s difficult to write a solid short story, and you’ve done it, so kudos. Oh, and I loved Tess! There aren’t nearly enough heroines older than thirty in the romance world.


    • Hi Lucy,

      Thank you so very much. Your praise, coming from the accomplished author that you already are, is very much appreciated and welcomed.
      Also, thank you for the compliment about Tess. She is the woman that I want to represent. She is the woman that is older but still passionate, fit, and full of life. There are a lot of women like that around but they are neglected by the media or by writers because they are not young enough. It is my desire to write so that women can relate to what I write and I am very thankful that Alexandra Brown gave me the opportunity that I so badly needed, to go public with my thoughts.
      Once again thank you and I wish you all the best in your writing.

      • A goal reached. Though one that I can repeat repeatedly! That being: to help jumpstart the writing careers of as many talented writers as is humanly possible. Working with writers like Pat is making this not only happen, but happen in a most fun and rewarding way!


  27. Dear Patti, first I thought a romantic story – one needs to be in the mood for reading a romantic story and I wondered whether it is the right theme for me, but now after I read it, I am really glad, that I read it, because it was the right theme. I am still grinning from my inside together we the characters describted. Well done, I’ve just forgotten the seriousness of live for a good while. Please go ahead writing. Inge

    • My Dear Inge,
      Thank you so much, and I will keep on writing. You see, romance is so much a part of life. Love is something very natural. God loves us, and there is something romantic about that. It is interwoven throughout the Bible. We are his bride, and he is the bridegroom. So, why not romance? Why not turn to a warm, healthy love relationship that brings out the best in us. Why not reach out with humility, instead of arrogance? Whoever said that love between a man and woman bonded together in covenant love was wrong? Not, God. So, my stories write about the positive healing that love brings into life.
      That’s why Romantic Shorts stories are so unique. They are short stories, which are designed to peek into your life and give you an uplift as they make you aware of your wonderful womanly charateristics.
      I am so happy that you enjoyed it. You are dear to me.

      • Pat, I have to quote you on our Facebook page!

        “That’s why Romantic Shorts stories are so unique. They are short stories, which are designed to peek into your life and give you an uplift as they make you aware of your wonderful womanly characteristics.”

        Says it all.

  28. Dear Pat,
    Beautiful writing & Story.
    May God always encourge you to keep encourging more people.
    God bless you.

    • My Dear Christine,
      Thank you so much. Hearing these words coming from you bless my heart. I have so many stories rumbling around in me. Stories of hope, adventure, and love. I know I have them for a reason. So, you can bet I will continue with writing. I have no other choice. If I didn’t write, I would be misearable and very unhappy.
      It has taken some time for the right publisher to appear for my short stories. Thus, I am very thankful for Alex, the publisher. When her call went out at the end of 2010 about setting up an Publishing company, which would feature short stories, my heart jump for joy, and I wrote her an email. I was busy finishing up my book and told her so. That she understood and told me to do what I had to do first, which gave me time to write out my short story and edit it with plenty of time, was a miracle.
      So you see, I am very happy the story has been a success.
      Once again, thank you for your support. It is always a pleasure when I see you and may you achieve the very best in your life. You are dear to me.

    • My Dear Merrie,
      Thank you. You and I are connected not only as friends, but also as fellow citizens of the same country, the USA. So, I am especially pleased to received these words of praise from you. As an artist yourself, you know how important it is to present your work at its best. This short story lived within me. I breathed it most of the time, and the characters talked to me constantly. Sometimes I would be writing and laughing at the same time, and my hubby wondered what I was laughing at. He had never seen a person get such a kick out of writing as I have. I often answered him with such answers as, Tess just told David to get out by looking at him. You can imagine that Hans looked at me, and said, are you okay?
      Tess is the heroine. She is the every woman in normal everyday life. She is the woman who struggles to rise above the chaos to reach her destiny. She is the woman who reaches out to others, even when she is hurting, she is the woman who cares no matter what others may have done to her, she is the woman who forgives, and she is the woman who laughs, the woman who has a wonderful sense of humour. So, you see, it was not easy putting Tess on paper or in my computer. If she had not given me the help I needed the story would not have come to life, and it is important for me that the story breathes life. When life is breathed out, then people’s hearts are touched. And for me that is what romance is all about, touching hearts.
      So, thank you once again, girlfriend. You are very dear to me.

  29. Dear Patti

    Thanks for letting me read your story.
    I think you have a great talent, it has given me much joy in the story to read.
    I hope that you continue to do with writing (when you have time).

    God has put so much talent in you, I’m impressed and pleased me, that I may
    share in your talents.


    • My Dear Claudia,
      Thank you for reading my story. It pleases me that you enjoyed it. I have so many stories within me that I desire to write and I will continue writing them as long as I think I have something to say.
      I thank you for letting me share in your life. It is always a pleasure for me when we have the time to get together and share with each other about the growth and maturity in our lives. You are a precious person with many gifts and it is a pleasure knowing you.
      Once again, thank you. You are dear to me.

    • Dear Angie,
      Thank you so much for reading my short story. I am happy to hear that you read it on a rainy day. This makes it extra special. I have this thing with rain. I have been blessed to see it as a blessing, a lucky omen, if you would like to call it that. When it rains, I see good things happening. So, I hope the rain will brings you many joys and blessings for your life.
      Once again, thank you. You are dear to me.

  30. I have often heard that there are no new stories only new storytellers. While this may be true of Hollywood you proved it isn’t the case for print. You have laid out a wonderful story with twists and turns. The part I love the most is the age of the main characters. Many readers today are finding themselves in the single life for one situation or another in their fifties and sixties. It’s nice to read a story that doesn’t have a bunch of perpetual twenty something vampires running around shirtless. Great Work. Thank you for taking the time to write it and share it.


  31. Dear John,
    Thank you. Although we have never met personally, you are an author whose opinion I value highly. It is my desire to write stories, which touch a reality that could be real, if only we would ask ourselves, what if; it is my desire to lift people up into an alternative world where they see hope, instead of despair, and return back to their own reality feeling better than they were before; it is my desire to touch peoples hearts , and I can only do that when I release some of the vision of the way I see world. Thus, your praise of my work humbles, me and at the same time, it gives me great joy, because you have confirmed the direction of my writing that I wanted to hear.
    Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to read and evaluate the story for me.
    That you have done this has endeared you to me, and thus, you are dear to me.

    • Hi Sandra,
      Thank you for reading my first published short story and I am happy that you found it nice and amusing. That was one of my intentions. So often we forget to look at the humorous side of life. Everyone gets caught up in matters that are important, but we let them drain away the laughter within us. So, I am very happy that you were able to laugh and hope that I will make you laugh often in the future.
      Once again, thank you for taking time to read it. You are dear to me.

  32. It’s just amazing to read new stories from Pat. I love the way she tells us about her feelings deep in her heart. The way she discribes characters and situations is so wonderful. You can see and feel it in your own heart and soul!

    An other reason for me to read her stories is the way she connects all her stories with the LORD! I always see an other option to think about situations and people in a new way. Her stories are also helpful for me – love Pat an her stories from the heart.

    Pat please keep on writing!!!!


    • My Dear Maike,
      Thank you. You flatter me with your words of praise and I should be flattering you. It is so delightful to be one of your friends. You have been tremendously helpful in my establishing my website and therefore gave me time that I needed to complete this story. I would never have been able to do it, if you had not taken the website and worked on it for me, organizing things that I did not have time to do. So, thank you for giving me the time to write this short story.
      All that I write has an element of faith in it, because i see life as it is revealed to me through my own faith in God. That is something that I will not hide. It doesn’t mean that I am trying to convert someone either. It only means that I have made a decision for myself and according to that decision, I handle the matters of my life. It’s my choice. And it is all the more pleasing when I encounter people and find out that that is okay. They enjoy my stories because they accept who I am.
      Thus, I thank you once again because you and I are sisters in the same faith, and that is a wonderful.

  33. Pat, just loved it!!! It was like imaging a film, rich in detail and feelings. I suffered together with Tess at the office of David!!!
    Keep on sharing your stories with me.

    • My Dear Aleida,
      Thank you. I am so happy to hear that you loved it. I have a nice warm grin plastered on my face. In fact, I have been grinning since Alexandra published my short story. I am truly amazed at the response that I am receiving. And my network is still spreading the word in their networks. Thus, I am so happy that you love it. You and I have so much in common. Being two foreigners living in a country that is not our native land, it is always nice when I see you and can speak English with you. Your presence makes me feel that I am not alone. So, it was my desire that you read it.
      I am glad you suffered with Tess and David. I did too. I have done so much research over the years on relationships and come across so many people whom husbands were younger than they were. All othe time, they have a question, why are all novels so bent on making eveybody so young. That is a question that I have asked myself also. The still small voice within me challenged me to write the kind of story that I would like to read. The second challenge was writing it so that people would enter into my world. That was very important. The third challenge was finding the right publisher. All of what happens in this story is wonderful because I have a publisher who believed in my story and in my world. There are plenty who would not have touched it, but Alexandra did. From the beginning, I just liked the way she presented herself. It was as if we had a mutual understanding, and there was really no pushing, no hurrying up. We just took our time. And so On A Rainy Day is a success for us both. In fact it is a success for three people, my self appointed editor who read it more than a hundred times, my publisher who was patient enough to not rush me and provided the tweaks to my story that were proper and fitting, and me, who was given the inspiration to write it.
      So once again, thank you. You are dear to me.

  34. Hi Pat,
    though it’s usually not my kind of ‘genre’ I think it’s a cool story with interesting and well-thought-out characters and I enjoyed reading it a lot.
    Thank you for writing and sharing,

    • Hello Andreas,
      Many thanks for the openness about my short story. Even though it is not your genre, it is nice to know that you found the story interesting and observed that it is a well written story.
      I have always thought that writing ability is multifarious. Sometimes I read books that are not necessarily my type of book, but I appreciate the way it was written. Writing is an art and good writing is like painting a picture.
      So thank you once again, I really appreciate it.

  35. It takes a beautiful mind to create such a lovely, yet humorous tale, with believable, characters who have such independent personalities. I fell in love with love and began to think of places I could met these people and become part of their circle of friends. When I read a story and want more, from the writer, I feel I have hit pay dirt. I’m looking forward to more stories from Pat…soon, hopefully. Thank you Patricia for making my day so interesting.

    • My Dear Marsha,
      Please forgive me for not responding quickly, but there has been so much going on that I did not know where to start. Thank you for reading the story and thank you for your lovely compliments. It is people like you who give me that extra spurt of confidence to keep on moving in my direction. Writing is a part of me and it is a joy when i know that I have touched someone’s life with what I have written. Thank you for taking the time and thank you for your encouragement.
      You are dear to me.
      All the best.

    • Hi Laurie,
      Many thanks for taking a look On A Rainy Day. It is always a pleasure to have a published author appreciate your writing ability.
      Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to read it.
      I wish you all the best.

  36. Pat, thank you for sending me the link to your short story, I enjoyed it very much! A lot happens in a short period of time, as it must in a short story, but I had a sense of “being there” and of the tension between Tess and David. The brief background that you did on Tess worked very nicely into the story without slowing it down. It was an interesting, fun, read, perfect for this forum. Nice job, keep writing!

    • (Publisher’s Note:
      Rita, my apologies for the delay in approving your comments. Just found them in the overloaded spam file. Will be checking my filter settings again…
      Thanks for your patience!
      Alex Brown)

    • Hi Rita,
      I thank you for reading it and also for your assessment of my writing. What you wrote was a big encouragement for me. I know that I have miles to go but what writer doesn’t? So, the words coming from you an accomplished woman who knows the business and the heart of writing has encouraged me greatly.
      Thank you for taking the time.

    • Hi Rita,
      Thank you for taking the time to read my short story and many thanks for your assessment. I appreciate it very much. I know I have some miles to go but doesn’t every writer. We learn as we write and so your assesment of being there and feeling the tension have encouraged me greatly.

  37. Hi Pat
    I enjoyed reading the story. It has a humour side to it besides being just a
    romance story. This story also reflects how humans can make mistakes
    sometimes. No perfection in anyone. I like the story, it entertaining.

    Keep on writing…


    • Hi Lucy,
      Greetings to you in Singapore! I hope you are doing fine. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story. Your support is like a wonderful bouquet of flowers.
      You are so right about mistakes. Many stories are written to avoid the mistakes. I want to write true to life things that not only point out the happiness in life but also show that this happiness usually results out of taking risks and making mistakes. So, I am very happy that you caught that.
      Please look at my website, if you have the chance. I am presenting an online novel, chapter for chapter on a monthly basis. This month I will add chapter 3.
      You may also add comments there. I am interested in how it comes over to the public because it is such a joy to write.
      So once again thanks for your support. It is wonderful to be able to depend on you.

  38. Dear Patty,
    You kept it short and simple! Like a sweet prayer: straight FROM and TO the heart! It is a brilliant writer who could deliver the gist and temperament of a story with a limited amount of space, and without losing one’s self in the use of exaggeratedly flowery words, elaborate descriptions and character analyses. You ARE brilliant, and this is a job well done! You swept me off my feet with this one—and you deserve a place as a Topnotch Barkeeper in mixing the irresistible love cocktails in Romantic Shorts’ Bar! More power to you, Alex and her Team, and God bless you richly! Love, Sue

    • My Dearest Sue,
      Thank you for your friendship, loyalty and support of my writing. It is the few people like you, who are normally very busy working in leadership positions in your companies, that I depend on. You cannot imagine what a joy it is to have a close relationship with you. Listening to your thoughts and ideas help me as a writer to target the audience that I would like to target. Finding out that women in the business world who work in high positions also enjoy a good romantic story comes from knowing and associating with you. So, I have a lot to thank you for.
      Thank you also for every compliment, because I know you, and I know that you don’t compliment unless you mean it. Your praise of my work surprised me really. I must admit I was very nervous about you reading the story! I asked myself, what have you done? After reading what you wrote, I had to read it three or four times, because it just made my day.
      So thank you my dear. It is an excellent feeling to know that you are in my corner.
      Love you dearly, and you are very dear to me.
      Shalom my dear friend.

  39. Dear Patty,
    thanks a lot for this interesting story. I not only read the story but could also learn some more english words :-)) I am proud of you to have you in our church with all your talents, fantasy and lovely heart. Hope to see more soon, Anja

    • My Dear Anja,
      You are one of the most kindest people that I know. You and your husband and two boys have grown on my heart, and it is a joy every time I see you all.
      Knowing how busy you are as one of the top administrators, in our Kids program, I am all the more humbled by your taking the time to read what I have written. So, if this short story has been a help to you with your English, that makes me happy. I have now, through you, learned something new about my writing, and that is to write so that it can be an inspiration and assistance to those who are learning the English language.
      Thank you also for your compliments. I must admit that God has given me a fantastic imagination. It is a beautiful, though sometimes trying process to work with words, but I love it. Between singing and writing, I have found my small corner in the sky.
      So once again thanks for reading it, and I look forward to writing more stories that you are able to read and learn from.
      You are dear to me, Anja.

  40. Hi Pat,
    wow, I really enjoyed it! You sure have a talent for writing. He is holding you in His hands, and leading you onto new pastures. Keep your “ears tuned in” for more wonderful stories,,,,,,,,,,,I´m so happy for you !
    I´m still working on a date for our cup of coffee.

  41. My Dear Zia,

    I have missed you. It was such a lovely surprise to see you had read the story and posted comments on the publisher’s website. Thank you. It is a joy to write. It is so intertwined in my life, just like my music. In fact, they are my heartbeat. I am very pleased with my first short story, because I have had great support. A writer can only do so much. Sure, we have the story inside of us, but any good writer needs an editor and a publisher to help make the circle round. I had the perfect combination for this short story. A lady sitting in Alabama who burned her lamp late in the midnight hours to read what I had written, challenging me with every sentence, and a publisher, who believed in me, and had the patience to lead me through a process that was totally unfamiliar to me. So, you can see that my story was bound to jump by leaps and bounds with those two ladies standing behind me, rooting me on.
    Once again, thanks and if you get the chance, check out the story from Helen Chapman, Sagebrush & Sanity, featured also in July. It is challenging like my story, and Helen has a great style. It is a great read.

  42. Hey Pat, what a great funny story.. My GF and I are living 1000 KM apart right now so I try to read her a bed time story every night and this one was what we’ve read the past 2 nights although we started it a month ago or so and it was just superb. We had a great time following Tess around and your build up of her meeting the big boss was superb. Thanks for the great story, I’m off to go search your website for more of your writing to make for future bed time stories for the love of my life who I knew, just like Mr. Donatelli, from the very first moment our eyes met that this is the woman I’m going to grow old with 🙂

    • (Publisher’s note: Thank you for taking the time to comment, Ryan. You have a sweet way with words. You know, with a few more details, you could have a terrific Romantic Short there. Just putting a bug in your ear. Think about it… =D
      Alex Brown.)

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