Our Authors

Romantic Shorts invites you to get to know the authors of our romantic short stories. Each has a unique and intriguing story of her (or his) own to tell, other works to share, and a curiosity toward our readers. Feel free to check out their Romantic Shorts Author’s Pages using the links below, and visit their own websites and other works. For many, their Romantic Shorts presentation is just the tip of the iceberg…

Christine Benson
Body Art

Kirsten S. Blacketer
What The Darkness Proposes

Helen Chapman
The Wizard
Sagebrush And Sanity

Dominique Collier

Ronnie Dauber
When Love Calls

Debbie Dodge
A Day In St. John’s

Sandra J. Eastman
To Be Free

Pat Garcia
On A Rainy Day

Geoff LaCasse
The Dog, The Dame, and The Dick

Alexandra Meryn
The Allure Of A Half-Naked God

A. B. Penner

Reid Lance Rosenthal
This Cowboy Know Romance

Kathy Servian

Joe Sweeney
How I Met Your Father

Jeff Tikari
Harry Bilinsky

Bonnie Wood
Second Time’s The Charm