Alexandra Meryn

Romantic Shorts welcomes writer, Alexandra Meryn. Specializing in humour and quick dialogue, Meryn brings a light, fun take on romance. With memorable characters and larger than life predicaments, her stories are meant to entertain with a tongue-in-cheek sharpness.

Having enjoyed the publication of several articles, guest posts, and editorials since 1995, Meryn is a proficient, if long-winded and opinionated, writer. Ideas cloud the mind; but once written down, can be forgotten. The author of two full-length novels, a catchy blog, and the odd song lyric, Alexandra Meryn considers herself one of those writers with the incredibly good fortune to simply be able to write for the sake of writing.

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Meryn’s first full length novel, Pyrrhic Truths, follows the journey of two people who have lost everything, only to find each other and the truth of their tragedy, but at a price that could prove too high to make knowing worth the sacrifice.

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Romantic Shorts by Alexandra Meryn

The Allure Of A Half-Naked God (2012)

Loose Ends (2021)