Debbie Dodge

Romantic Shorts welcomes author Debbie Dodge as one of our competition winners. Debbie’s skill in walking her readers through a setting through the eyes of her characters, as well as her knack for raising a reader’s body temperature with her prose, sets her apart as one our unique and fortunate finds.

Debbie now lives in New Zealand and finds great joy in writing about her local surroundings. The people she meets and their stories blend with her own life experiences and the places she has visited to form heartwarming stories of love, personal growth, and acceptance of change. Sharing her own feelings of loss followed by renewed hope and new love is her way of helping others explore their personal challenges and come to see them as opportunities for an even brighter tomorrow.

She looks forward to contributing new romantic stories to this site.

Romantic Shorts by Debbie Dodge
A Day In St. John’s (2012)

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