Dominique Collier

Dominique Collier is a director of primary care and mental health clinics, a wife and dog mom, military brat, traveler, dreamer, and at the depths of her soul, a writer. She devours works by Chuck Palahniuk, Charles Dickens, Joseph Heller, and every dystopian novel she can get her hands on, but she has a softer side where tales of love, hope, and romance live and flourish.

In “Dark,” Dominique combines the indulgence of romance with the pain of loss, both the loss of a way of life and the loss of a dream, and the redeeming freedom of finding oneself anew.

Dominique’s short stories have been published in Roar and Thunder Magazine (“The Rescue Mission”), The Lorelei Signal (“The Guardians of Illeli”), and The Wifiles (“Chainman”). She has also authored a leadership blog called “The Humble Docent,” and is currently working on a novella featuring stories of human resilience around the world.

Currently, the pandemic has Dominique designing obstacle courses around the house, online shopping like it’s going out of style, and learning yoga, all in the name of sanity.

Romantic Shorts by Dominique Collier

Dark (2016)