Helen Chapman

 As Romantic Shorts’ inaugural author, Helen Chapman epitomizes the talent, vision, and expression we envision for our publication. Chapman is a creative writer whose works include short stories, articles, and novels. Her skill with character presentation and development, plot progression, and quick dialogue lend a smooth flow and ease of enjoyment to her writing, making her a welcome asset to the Romantic Shorts family. Her imaginative story lines and settings are captivating and memorable.

Check out Helen’s latest offering, Under the Raj. Penned by Anne Arrandale (Helen Chapman’s alter ego), this is the story of Seitan Wellington, a man caught between two worlds. The son of a British lord and a Punjabi princess, he is not accepted by either group. It is not until he is sent with the British Expeditionary Force to India to ferret out Russian spies that he gains acceptance, and finds the love of his life. 

 Available in paperback and Kindle format at Amazon, and on order at your local booksellers. 

Readers can learn more about Helen Chapman by visiting her

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Romantic Shorts by Helen Chapman

The Wizard (2011)
Sagebrush & Sanity (2012)