Jeff Tikari

Jeff Tikari has worked on tea plantations in northern India for twenty years and on coffee and tea plantations in Papua New Guinea for fifteen years. He now lives on the outskirts of Delhi where he runs a Homeopathic clinic and from where he does all his writing.

His first book on spiritualism and philosophy: ‘The Future Intelligence” was published in the year 2000. He has had short articles & stories published in magazines around India, the USA, Canada, Australia, and in the UK. He has self published a book, ‘Masala Tales & Random Thoughts’. Jeff has also written the following books:

The Future Intelligence – Spiritual Assessment.
Masala Tales & Random Thoughts
Aroma of Orange Pekoe – his memoirs and humorous snippets from Tea.
The Honey Gatherer – fictional novel.
Laugh Like a Dog – fictional novel.
Travails of Innocence – teenage love; pregnancy and a spiritual experience.

All the above books can be viewed & sampled at:

Jeff Tikari, M-12/24, DLF City -2, Gurgaon 122002, India.



Romantic Shorts by Jeff Tikari

Harry Bilinsky (2012)