Joe Sweeney

Romantic Shorts welcomes author Joe Sweeney, and is proud to include his romantic short story, How I Met Your Father, in our collection.

Joe Sweeney was conceived in Alabama and born in Upstate New York (a relative location). He spent the next 18 years in the tow of his Air Force family, living in all four corners of the States – Florida, Arizona, Northern California and Maine – and picking up five more siblings along the way. As a child he loved to write, but high school had somehow transformed him into a geek. He spent the next few decades programming computers, at first as a hobby and in later years as a career. Now living in Arizona and past 50, he has decided it’s time to return to his first love – writing.

His first book, A Random Collection of Events, was originally published through Lulu. After publishing Programming Fundamentals through Lulu, and wanting more control over his content, he started his own publishing company and independently published Design Patterns for Visual Basic. Today, Joe has written a total of seven books, including three short story collections and one novel.

Readers can learn more about Joe Sweeney works, by visiting his websites at

Additionally, he is starting up two writing websites,, and, to promote writing.

Romantic Shorts by Joe Sweeney
How I Met Your Father (2012)