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It is our pleasure here at Romantic Shorts to introduce author Ronnie Dauber to our readers. Ronnie’s first story for us is a gripping tale, featuring strong characters and an integral setting. Her skill in building suspense is as impressive as her presentation of a relationship of the sort that leaves us breathing deeply, eyes closed, in savour of the warmth and passion it holds.

Ronnie Dauber is a published Canadian author and freelance writer. She has four of the five books written in her y/a Sarah Davies action series, and is currently writing the fifth. She has completed one adult suspense/thriller, and is now working on her own life story. Ronnie has published one inspirational book, Let Faith Arise!, which is a collection of inspirational messages that she wrote during her long battle with cancer in 2011. When she won that battle, Ronnie formatted her messages into a devotional book so that she could share with others how to build their faith in God and how to apply that faith so they, too, can have the victory over their afflictions. Her life story, Against All Odds, is her testimony of how she beat cancer. Ms. Dauber is also the manager of an Aspiring Writers writing group on LinkedIn where she sponsors monthly writing competitions and engages effective discussions. She maintains two blogs with many subscribers: a professional blog where she offers book promotions and writing tips, and an inspirational blog that gives encouragement to Christians.

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Romantic Shorts by Ronnie Dauber

When Love Calls (2013)