Sandra J. Eastman

Sandra J. Eastman brings to Romantic Shorts a wealth of skill and imagination. Her original submission caught our editorial attention as it was completely print ready – still a bit of a scarce find in today’s publishing world. It was a pleasure to read her manuscript, beginning to end, with the simple focus on enjoying it. Her story was both satisfying and engaging, her characters most likable and sympathetic – a difficult task in so few words.

Sandra has published seven books on The link to her author’s website is

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When she’s not writing on her own books, Sandy is available to help other writers find their
voice or advertise their own writing. You can avail yourself of her professional copywriting
services at

A graduate of Long Ridge Writers’ Group and American Writers and Artists Institute, Sandy has
been a published author since 1992. Her first work appeared in Animals’ Voice, a feature
magazine for the Humane Society of Canada.
Her credits include:
Rubies Family Saga – 2014 to 2019. A four-book series filled with romance and intrigue as four
women struggle to free themselves of a mysterious curse which is slowly destroying their lives.
Angels with Fur – Do we see our pets in Heaven  gives hope to all pet owners who have lost their
best friend and are longing to see them again.
God’s Gracious Gift – Why Coincidence Does Not Exist – The true story of one woman’s life and
death journey not knowing God had a plan which took twenty years to be revealed.
Easy Holiday Cookie Recipes Guaranteed to Work – Old family recipes revealed
Pets: part of family, Best Friends Website, Adventures of the Average Woman.
Only For Pet Lovers Online Magazine: Is your Dog or Cat making you sick? Children with Fur; A
Little Piece of God; Pooches Heavenly Scent; Small Paws – Big Hearts; Cats Put Best Paw
Christian Book Series Good Catch Publishing 2007: titles include Sufficient to Stand, Though I
Walk Through the Valley, Reason for Hope.
Featured writer for Pets Across America, September 2008 and April 2011,
Poetry and Greeting Cards: Osterhus Publishing Company

Romantic Shorts by Sandra J. Eastman
To Be Free (2012)