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No legal-ese here.

Romantic Shorts does not sell, share, or otherwise abuse any personal or contact information of our readers. That’s just plain wrong.

We use your information only for the purpose for which it was given to us: contact info for return communication, subscriptions, and comment info is moderated, but posted if deemed acceptable.

With the following three exceptions:

All comments can be quoted, with or without contributor acknowledgement or notice, as testimonial or promotional material.

We may use digital tracking information to learn about our visitors (where they’re from, which of our pages they’re interested in, how long they stay, etc.) so that we can endeavour to provide our readers with the most enjoyable reading experience possible.

Romantic Shorts cannot be responsible for the treatment of your personal information once you leave our site. While we do our best to choose the most relevant and reputable advertisers for our program, please be reminded that those websites you might access via our ad links will use their own policies regarding your privacy. Check that they are in line with your expectations before divulging any of your personal contact info.

If you would like your contact information deleted from our records, please notify us by email and we will make sure that happens as quickly as possible. Likewise, if at any time, you feel you have been misunderstood by Romantic Shorts, contact us immediately so that we can make every attempt to rectify the matter. Our reputation is our strongest currency.

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