Romance is Dead. I killed it.I follow a blog by a terrific and funny writer named Alena Dillon. Always a little bit of sunshine in my day, this week’s post pokes fun at her inability to accept a romantic gesture. Made me laugh more as I recalled my own recent romantic disaster.

My husband came home two days early from his recharge week away the other day. He was so excited to surprise me and the kids, bringing gifts, driving all day to get here before they went to bed. He missed us. It was sweet. Or, it should have been.

Fact is, he showed up at 10:30 at night. All was quiet in the neighbourhood until our German Shepherd/Rottweiler went nuts at the front door. Chasing two begats out of the way so I could see who was there before opening it, I lifted the curtain and peeked out the window. Two eyes and an evil grin, backlit by the yellow porch light, stared back at me, inches from my face. I jumped with a squeal, heard the girls start to cry, and opened the door, umbrella (where the heck did the kids move my baseball bat to?) in hand, letting the dog out first. Heart pounding, it took a full three long seconds to realize who it was.

Needless to say, it was not the welcome he’d expected.Good thing it was only an umbrella.

We can all relate to Alena’s foibles, and have a laugh with her along the way. Just thought I’d share it with you today. Check out her post, Romance Is Dead. I Killed It.