Romantic Shorts presents a steamy escape by Bonnie Wood. As Jeanne makes good her escape from the clutches of Mr. Wrong, she soon discovers that Mr. Right may have been right there all along. And sorting things out is going to be quite the adventure. This one’s got some explicit sex and language. Consider yourself warned…

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Second Time’s The Charm

by Bonnie Wood

I can’t believe Donna talked me into this, I thought to myself as I walked into the town dance. For that matter I couldn’t believe they still had these dances. Does this town realize what year it is?

My name is Jeanne O’Connell, and I had recently fled the state of Washington, and a very bad relationship to settle in the place I had spent most of my summers as a kid, Camp Wood, Texas. I hadn’t been back here in nine years. I went to Washington to go to school, met a guy, moved in with him, and it took me six years to realize he was the asshole, not me.

Jay, my ex, criticized everything I did, wanted to do, and loved. It dawned on me that I was losing myself trying to be perfect for him and didn’t know why, as I had long since fallen out of love with him. When I tried to leave he exploded. Said I was his. He called constantly and followed me from work a few times. He was really starting to frighten me.

I went to the police to file a no contact order, but they said there wasn’t anything they could do. They told me it was because he hadn’t touched, or even threatened, me. I didn’t get that; I mean what, did I have to wait until he really hurt me before the police would help me protect myself?

When that day came I was walking out of the apartment building where I was staying with my friend. I was on my way to the store on the corner; I was making spaghetti and had actually forgotten the noodles. I was shaking my head chuckling at myself when Jay pulled me into the shadowed alley. I let out a scream before he covered my mouth with his hand.

“Stop screaming Jeanne,” he hissed out when I bit his hand. “I just want to talk to you. If I uncover your mouth will you talk to me, no screaming?”

I nodded yes, and he moved his hand away. I shoved him away from me as hard as I could. He looked pissed but didn’t touch me.

“What the hell do you want Jay?” I asked “I know you have been following me.”

“I just want to talk to you Jeanne.” He smiled at me “You look beautiful.”

“Really Jay,” I retorted “because the last time I wore this outfit you said I looked like low class trailer trash.”

He winced. “I just didn’t want anyone else to see you look so beautiful. I love you Jeanne, and I don’t want anyone else looking at you.”

I was wearing a tight, dark blue, satiny skirt that, on my short stature hit right above my knees, a black shirt, and a short black leather jacket. My long strawberry blonde hair was up on my head in a messy bun, and I was wearing minimal makeup.

I started laughing. “You are an idiot. We are through. Go spew your bullshit on someone else.”

I tried to walk away, but he grabbed my arm and roughly turned me to face him.

“Do not disrespect me again Jeanne, all I want to do is talk to you,” he growled.

“Do not touch me,” I hissed through my teeth and yanked out of his grip.

“I’m sorry Jeanne, I don’t want to hurt you,” he apologized. “You’re mine. And I love you. Please give me another chance; we used to be great together.”

“Jay, we were not great together. All you did was criticize me, my friends, and my choices,” I said in exasperation. “Just please leave me alone.”

I tried to walk away again, but he stepped in my way and pinned me against the wall, his hands braced on either side of my head. His face was inches from mine.

“I won’t leave you alone until you agree to give me another chance.”

When I didn’t say anything he relaxed a little and leaned his forehead on mine. I gathered all the strength I possessed and shoved him as hard as I could. I caught him off guard and he stumbled back tripping over some garbage and landed on his ass while I ran for the lighted street as fast as I could. He jumped up to follow me, but when I got to the street my friend Christian was headed into the building. That’s right, I remembered suddenly, I was making him spaghetti. I screamed his name and ran straight into his arms. When he saw Christian, Jay turned and walked away in the other direction.

This time when I went to the police, there was enough to file the no-contact order. But I always felt like he was still following me, though I never saw him again.

Not long after the scene in the alley, my grandma died here in Camp Wood. I loved my grandma fiercely, and she was alone so I called her every week no matter what. I always meant to get down here to see her; unfortunately I only made it for her funeral. After the service her attorney informed me that my precious grandma had left me her house and a very generous inheritance.

I shook myself out of my reverie and came back to reality. The band seemed to be taking a break, so Donna and I made our way to a table. The town hall was decked out with candles on the tables and fairy lights hanging from the ceiling. I sat with my back to the stage and ordered a soda – no alcohol in the town hall. The lights dimmed and the band started to play. The song brought back a memory from that last summer nine years ago.

I’m seventeen, and bored out of my mind. It seems there are only old people at this dance. Donna got herself grounded by staying out too late with Johnny Blake so I’m on my own. At least the music is good, I think to myself. I glance up at the stage and the very hot guy behind the drums is looking back at me smiling. I smile back and can’t take my eyes off him the rest of his set.

The memory turned up the corners of my lips and I turned to look at the band. I gasped as I was met with the same gorgeous smile from all those years ago. His grin was knowing and it was obvious he recognized me. After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I turned back to Donna, with an accusing scowl. She had the biggest shit-eating grin I have ever seen grace her pretty face, then she sobered and tried to look innocent.

“What?” she asked. “Do you see something you like?”

“Is this why you hounded me to come tonight?” I asked as I continued to glare at her.

She blinked her wide eyes at me. “Oh, do you mean because Andy Montgomery still plays the drums?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I mean,” I said tightly.

She just smiled tapping her cowboy boot covered toes to the beat of Andy’s drums.

Listening to him play, I am back in that summer so long ago. After the dance Andy and I spend the rest of my summer together on dates at the movies, holding hands, stealing kisses. Sometimes we just sit in the park at night talking; ok there isn’t a lot of talking but there is some.

It was the sweetest time of my life. I had thought about him for years. Hell, I was still thinking about him. The corners of my mouth were turning up again, and I realized the band just stopped. Donna smirked at me, “He was staring at the back of your head the whole time they were playing.”

“Whatever.” I said and turned to look at the stage. My stomach dropped when I saw he was talking to a perky little blonde who had bounded up on stage. “See,” I said to Donna, “he’s got his hands full with blondie.”

She rolled her eyes at me, “That’s his cousin Shelly, I know what you northerners say about us southern folks, but we don’t all diddle our cousins,” she said with a mock glare.

Andy hugged his cousin, then locked eyes with me and started toward my table.

Oh my god, he is damn hot. He was taller, long and lean, wearing a blue button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled to his elbows, faded blue jeans and a straw-colored cowboy hat. I think I need a new pair of panties. His smile was wide and genuine as he stepped up beside me. I stood and put my hand out for him to shake. He wrapped his arms around me and spun me in a huge hug, kissing my cheek as he set me back on the floor. I don’t think I would have been more surprised if he had slapped my face.

“Jeannie, you look amazing,” he admired as he looked me up and down.

“Andy….it’s …..I’m, shit. It’s really great to see you.” I stammered. “You don’t look half bad yourself,” I said with coolness that I didn’t feel.

He grinned even wider and the sexy little dimple on his left cheek winked at me and I thought, my panties just caught fire. Good god, I seriously need to get laid.

Donna cleared her throat. “Andy, we’re going to have a drink at O’Connell’s after the dance, you should come.”

My head whipped to meet her gaze, and I didn’t know whether to kill or kiss her.

Andy looked at me, one eyebrow raised. “Is that ok with you, Jeannie?”

“Ummm yeah. I mean sure, why not?” Oh my god I’m rambling. I mentally slapped myself and grinned at him. “That would be great.”

O’Connell’s was an Irish Pub that one of my cousins opened after he spent a summer traveling in Ireland. I loved it here; and had been here several times in the past few weeks. Randy, my cousin, and I had gotten to know each other, and he was chatting with Donna and I when Andy sauntered in.

He stepped through the door and scanned the room. Suddenly I had no idea what Donna and Randy were saying. I couldn’t take my eyes off the sexy man looking for me. Andy spotted our table and met my gaze. That panty-burning grin split his face and he headed for our table.

About half way through the room Andy was accosted by a brunette dressed in a little jean skirt that barely reached the tops of her thighs, and a yellow tube top. Andy frowned down at her. I don’t know what he said, but the girl pouted and stalked away. I couldn’t help it; I grinned over at her when he made it to our table, shook Randy’s hand, and sat down beside me. I know it’s petty, but damn she looked like such a ho’. I was still grinning when I looked back.

“What’s so funny?” he asked me, still sporting that sexy-as-hell grin.

“Oh I just feel bad,” I replied, trying to look serious and failing miserably.

“What do you feel bad about Jeannie?” he inquired, his eyes narrowed.

“That we made you miss out on such a sure thing,” I responded, trying hard not to break out in giggles.

“Oh yes, Beth Anne. She is quite obvious isn’t she? Well, at least to everyone except her husband.” He rolled his eyes and glanced at the ho’. My mouth dropped open, and he reached a finger over to shut it. Electricity shot through me at his touch. My eyes widened and I met his gaze; his eyes are also wide. Did he feel it too or am I just a crazy horny chick? Probably both.

We had a few drinks laughing and catching up. I found out that Andy now ran his parents’ ranch, and they had been traveling all over the states, planning to expand to other countries. He loved the life of a rancher; he knew he would. He had only gotten a little grief from the old-time ranch hands since taking over from his father.

I told him my plan to maybe open a bookstore/coffee shop here in Camp Wood, and Andy seemed glad that I wasn’t planning on leaving. Everyone thought the shop would be a great addition to the town. Randy told us his plan to expand the pub and add a kitchen. We all thought this was a great idea.

A slow song played and Andy stood, held his hand out, and said, “Dance with me Jeannie.” His smile was sexy, and I couldn’t say no. I put my hand in his and let him lead me to the dance floor. As soon as he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me close, that electricity coursed through me again and settled between my thighs. My heart sped up and my panties caught fire again. He was so tall I rested my cheek on his chest and breathed deep, taking in his scent.

God he smells good.

I pulled back, looked up at him, and watched his light hazel eyes darken with lust as his arm tightened around me. His look made my belly tighten, and I knew I wanted this man. The question was, could I wait at least a few days? It wasn’t looking promising.

After the song we went back to the table. Donna and Randy were talking with their heads close; I shared a knowing look with Andy. “Well I think I’m gonna head home.” I said. Donna started and looked at me just realizing we were back at the table. Her face was flushed, I hugged her and whispered, “You look great in that shade of red.”

“Bite me,” she retorted.

“I’ll walk you.” Andy said.

“It’s just around the corner, you don’t have to,” I replied.

“I want to.” He shook Randy’s hand, kissed Donna’s cheek, and led me out of the pub.

On the walk to my house my inner good girl and horny girl were having a very heated argument. My good girl was saying that we don’t sleep with guys after one night. My horny girl countered with ‘no time like the present.’ My good girl was adamant that we at least need a real date with dinner. My horny girl argued that we hadn’t had sex in months, and even worse we hadn’t had good sex in years; and she was convinced that this would be good sex.

When we got to my door, Andy leaned down to brush my lips with his. It started sweet and slow but soon turned to something more frantic. He pulled me to him, lifting me on my toes as he possessed my mouth. Between kisses he whispered, “Let me come in Jeannie.” It wasn’t a question. My horny girl gags my good girl and claims victory.

After some fumbling with my keys because he was nuzzling and biting the skin on my neck I finally got us in. He turned us and pinned me against the door. Bending his head down we sank into another kiss. He grabbed my ass and lifted me and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He leaned his hips into me to hold me up and plunged his hands in my hair while he kissed me. His mouth and hands were everywhere. Suddenly he pulled back and looked into my eyes.

“What’s wrong?” I asked in a breathy voice

“Nothing’s wrong. I just missed a step,” he said, grinning at me.

“What?” I asked, confused.

“Have dinner with me tomorrow night?” he asked.

“You’re asking me on a date…now?” I asked, and circled my hips grinding my core on the very hard ridge in his jeans.

He growled and buried his face in my hair, nibbling and sucking on my neck. He kissed his way up to my ear and panted, “You didn’t answer me.”

“Wait, what was the question?” I had to ask; I think he may have scrambled my brain.

He chuckled against my neck, sending chills over me. “Dinner. Tomorrow.” He reminded.

“Oh yeah,” I replied. “Sure.”

“Good,” he said, and plundered my mouth again. “I wanted our first time to be slow and romantic,” he panted out. “But I don’t think I can.”

“Then don’t,” I replied, desperate to have him inside me.

The sound he made was hot and primal. He set me down long enough to rid me of my panties. He slid a finger through my folds then inside me. I had to grab his shoulders because I thought my knees will buckle.

“You’re so wet baby,” he moaned.

He opened his five button jeans in one yank and freed his very large erection. He pulled a condom out of his pocket, ripped it open and quickly covered his cock. When he looked up, I was staring back at him one brow raised. He shrugged and grinned sheepishly, “Randy slipped them to me when we were leaving.”

I was shocked, then I burst out laughing, “Thank you Randy.”

Andy effectively stopped my giggles when he lifted me back against the door, kissing me deeply and pushing himself inside me. I wrapped my legs around his waist opening to him even more as he plunged in and out of me hard. I could feel the tingles start in my core and my legs began to shake. I squeezed my legs around him and exploded into a thousand pieces. When I came back to Earth he was carrying me to the couch. He laid me down on my back still inside me. He lifted me enough to pull my shirt off then flipped open my front-latch bra. He dipped his head and took my nipple into his mouth, sucking and biting. I took in short gasps of breath as he paid the same attention to the other one. Every time he pushed into me his pubic bone ground against my clit sending sparks through me. I could tell he was getting close because his breathing was even more ragged and he was starting to tremble. He reached between us and circled my clit with his thumb.

“Come for me baby,” he demanded, and just like that I fell off the edge into another mind-blowing orgasm. Andy plunged one hand into my hair, grabbed my hip with the other, slamming into me two more times, then stilled his hips, jerking as he found his release.

It seemed Randy gave him a whole handful of condoms, and I think we used them all. The next morning my good girl started talking asking me what I thought Andy would think of me now? Of course horny girl didn’t have much to say since she was sighing in contentment.

I looked over, surprised to find him awake.

“What’s going through that pretty head of yours?” He asked.

“I don’t usually go home from the bar with guys,” I blurted out.

He chuckled and ran his knuckle down my cheek. “I know,” he said. “The spark from all those years ago is still there. I think it might be even stronger now.”

“Yes, that’s true, but…” He shut me up by rolling on top of me and covering my mouth with his. Apparently we hadn’t used all the condoms.

We went to dinner the next night, and he came home with me again; my horny girl was very happy. Over the next few weeks, we spent all our spare time together. He took me out to his ranch when his parents were in town, and I had a great time catching up with them. They told me all about their travels and their plans to go to Ireland in two months. Then he took me to the hayloft, and I had an even better time. He helped me look for the perfect spot for my bookstore/coffee shop. We even kicked around a few names; so far my favorite is Read a Latte. I know it’s kind of clichéd but I really like it. Plus, it was Andy’s idea for a name and I thought it was sweet. Oh, but what if this thing goes south? Do I really want to look at the sign above my place and have to think of him every time I read it? I may need to re-think the name.

We were getting to know each other in and out of bed. It was amazing and terrifying, I thought I might be falling in love with him.

We were sitting at O’Connell’s, and Andy was holding my hand on the table. He stopped talking and looked over my shoulder, his eyebrows shooting toward his hairline. “Can I help you, man?” he asked, and I turned to see a very angry Jay standing behind me.

“What the fuck is going on Jeanne?” Jay asked with venom in his voice.

“What the fuck are you doing here Jay?” I retorted with just as much venom.

I pulled my hand free of Andy’s and stood to face Jay. Andy stood at the other side of the small table. He didn’t come to get in between us, but I knew he’d be here in a heartbeat if I needed him. I appreciated him letting me handle this.

“We need to talk,” Jay said in a hard tone. “I should have known you’d be in the bar with your name on it. Is it yours?”

“No we don’t,” I replied flatly. “We have nothing to talk about. And the rest is none of your business.”

“I disagree,” he sneered. “I’m not going to let you fuck up six years for some hick.” He glared at Andy with disdain.

I glanced at Andy; his fists were balled at his sides with barely contained rage.

“Jay, we broke up weeks before I left Washington,” I tried to calmly remind him.

“No, you were just having a little fit,” he said mockingly.

Now I was pissed; a fit: is he fucking kidding? “No, Jay, no fit. I just don’t want to be with you. We’ve been over for years. It just took me a ridiculous amount of time to realize it. Go back to Washington and leave me alone,” I said and tried to turn from him.

“No.” He reached out and grabbed my arm, hard. “We’re going to talk, alone.”

In less than a second Andy was beside me with his hand around Jays throat. “You’re gonna want to take your hand off her,” he said in a deceptively calm voice. “Or this hick is going to fuck your face up.”

“This is none of your business cowboy,” Jay choked out.

“Oh, it’s my business asshole, take your fucking hand off her.”

Jay, never being much of a fighter let go of my arm, and I rubbed the spot knowing there was going to be a bruise. I thought he was going to walk away with his tail between his legs, but he balled his fist and swung at Andy, who easily ducked the punch and landed a right hook to Jay’s jaw. The fight was on and Jay was clearly getting his ass kicked, but he wouldn’t give up. Finally, Andy, having had enough, pulled back his fist and hit Jay hard in the cheek, knocking him out cold.

I went to Andy to make sure he was alright. He was panting but ok. Someone must have called the cops because just then the sheriff walked in.

“Hey Johnny,” Andy said, still panting.

“Hey Andy,” the sheriff replied. “What’s going on here?”

We told the Sheriff what happened, and the rest of the patrons seated closest to us corroborated our story. Johnny called an ambulance for Jay and assured us he would be taken into custody once he was conscious.

Andy hadn’t spoken to me or touched me since he told me he was ok after the fight. I asked him if he was coming back to my place and he just nodded yes. On the walk to my place, he didn’t hold my hand. He just walked with his head down and his hands in his pockets.

By the time we made it to my house I was convinced he was just going to get his truck and leave. I couldn’t blame him; I mean who wants a girlfriend with a crazy stalker ex.

Once we were inside, he closed the door and paced to the living room. He still wouldn’t meet my gaze, and he had a tick in his jaw. I watched him pacing and running his fingers through his hair. I was just waiting for him to calm down and tell me that I was too much trouble, that he didn’t want to be with me anymore. The thought was almost paralyzing to me. Shit, I really have fallen in love with him. What am I going to do if he is throwing me away because of that dick head Jay?

“I’m sorry,” I finally said looking down at my clasped fingers. “I understand if you don’t want to see me anymore. I had no idea he would come here. I didn’t think he cared about anything that much. Except himself, that is.”

Suddenly, Andy had me pinned against the door and his face was inches from mine. “Is that what you think, that I’m pissed at you because that fuck came here?” he growled at me. “I’m furious because he put his hands on you. And I’m freaked out because when he did it, I think I could have killed him. No, I know I could have killed him. You are mine Jeannie, and no one better lay a fucking hand on you again.”

All I could say was, “Oh.” I was so glad he wasn’t running and was admittedly a little giddy from his revelation. I was his. What did that mean? For now? Forever? Did he love me?

“It’s always been you,” he said, his voice raw, “Do you know I came to find you in Washington?”

“What? When?” I asked, seriously confused.

You came to find me. How the hell did I not know this? I really wish I would have known this.

“Six years ago,” he stated. “I just wanted to see you again.”

“How did you know where I was?”

He smirked. “Your Granny told me.”

Of course. Grandma always loved him.

“Why didn’t you come see me?” still confused. I just don’t get it, why would you come all that way and not see me.

“I saw you were with Ass Hat, and it was obvious that you had moved on.” I saw pain in his eyes. “I have thought of you as mine since you were seventeen. Damn it Jeannie, I love you.”

He loves me, I can’t believe it.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, and whispered in his ear, “I am yours, always, and I love you too. Now let’s put some ice on that shiner.”

He rested his forehead on mine. “Thank god,” he said. “We’ll deal with the shiner later.”

He scooped me up in his arms and carried me to the bedroom.

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