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No legal mumbo jumbo here. Use the site. There is no charge right now; though that is expected to change as a membership program rolls out in the near future. Visit often, share with and invite friends. We invite you to subscribe to notifications of new stories. Welcome.

Of course, a few conditions:

1. Don’t copy/reproduce/abuse the writers’ works in any way. Our stories are available online for all to read and share buttons are provided if you would like to do so. Our authors own the copyrights to their stories and any abuse of that cannot be tolerated.

2. Comment freely. If you like something, don’t like something, or just have something to say about any of our stories, leave a comment. But know that all comments and replies are moderated. It is a matter of ensuring respect for the heart and soul that a writer puts into his or her work.

3. If you would like to quote something you find here, we ask that you reference both the writer and Romantic Shorts. And if you would like to use one of our stories, please contact us and we will liaise between you and the writer.

Nothing special; just enjoy with respect.

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