In honour of those who gave so much for so many, we take the time each Remembrance Day to focus on their sacrifice. As we gather to collectively feel our grief and our gratitude, Romantic Shorts would also like to remember the people: those who loved, those who lost, and those who had to find a way to carry on. As with all wars, The Great War (aka First World War 1914-1918) did a lot of damage to a lot of people. Soldiers, civilians, children – no-one escaped unscathed. Alex Stephens takes us to the aftermath, in a world forever changed by the conflict, where two innocent victims, from opposing sides, The Unlikeliest Lovers, cross unlikely paths. Drawn together because of who and what they are, they struggle with a love that has the power to heal even the deepest scars.

by Alex Stephens

Our romantic short stories are designed to take our readers away for about a half hour. They are complete stories unto themselves and aren’t related to each other. That means that you can duck into Romantic Shorts’ Reading Room for a quick escape any time, and make it back to your real life before anyone knows you’ve gone.