Romantic Shorts’ Feature Romantic Short Stories…

Today’s feature story is written by a Romantic Shorts Favourite, Kirsten S. Blacketer. Kirsten found us by way of one of our competitions in our infancy, and we’ve been keeping tabs on each other ever since. We’ve been able to watch her grow from a hopeful writer to a successful novelist and couldn’t be more proud. Take a look back at the beginning of her journey, and be sure to check out her Author’s Page to see how far she’s come. Enjoy!

WHAT THE DARKNESS PROPOSES, by Kirsten S. Blacketer.

Our romantic short stories are designed to take our readers away for about a half hour. They are complete stories unto themselves and aren’t related to each other. That means that you can duck into Romantic Shorts’ Reading Room for a quick escape any time, and make it back to your real life before anyone knows you’ve gone.